3 Step Guide to Yoga

Guide to YogaIt is spring time and we are all a little concerned about having allowed ourselves to go a little lazy over the winter months. Most things tend to hibernate during winter so now with spring in the air and summer right around the corner it is time to get back on track to wellness. Do you need to go away to a yoga retreat for wellness or can you find a plan to follow at home? Here is a simple three step guide to get you started.

Not sure if yoga is for you? There are many reasons that yoga is a good source of exercise for your body. You can do it at home, you do not need to buy expensive training gear to do it, and not only does it help your body feel good it brings a relaxation and calmness to your mind and spirit. Yoga teaching is beneficial in many ways and provides more than you can imagine. Whether you are looking to begin yoga as a tool to get in shape or as an aid to mental wellness you should make this guide part of your routine for long lasting effects.

Step 1-Purify and get in the mood

You will find the maximum benefits of your yoga practice when you can purify your mind and have a calm attitude. Yoga teaching begins by helping you find a path in which you should adopt toward your own attitude and to others. These are clearly laid out as Yamas and Niyamas.

Yamas are the social code in which you should conduct yourself. There are 5 different ones: Ahimsa (non-violence), Satya (truth), Asteya ( non-stealing), Brahmacharya(self-restraint), and Aparigraha (non-possession).

Niyamas which are the internal moral code also have five: Shauch (cleanliness), Santosh (contentment), Swadhyaya (self study), Tapas (austerity), and Ishwar pranidhana (Surrender to God).

Through yoga teaching these are to be understood and practiced in everyday situations. This will help provide a purification process which will bring you the most receptive allowance for yoga benefits. Modern medicine links the purification of mind and body as part of a whole personal health wellness.

Step 2- Practice

While you should always be aware of step 1 and be striving towards purification it is also very important to find the right yoga teacher for you. Doing this is just like finding the right fit.

With yoga practice, there are many different paths that lead to one goal. Each style of yoga can differ in the energy and force in which they are taught. Figure out what it is that you want to achieve. That will help bring you to the right fit in a yoga teacher. If your main focus is to bring physical fitness into your routine then you want to look for teachers that aim at Asanas of Hatha Yoga. Most areas have extensive yoga teacher directories that helps people find the right fit.

Remember that finding the right yoga teacher is not easy and you may have to go to a few teachers before you find someone that you can connect with. Also, as your personal practice becomes stronger you may need to look for a new teacher that can offer you more challenges.

Step 3- Study and Reading

Make sure that you learn about yoga through books and scriptures so that you are enhancing every area about yoga. You are an example of what yoga has to offer so you want to make sure that you are fully aware of connecting mentally and physically to yoga.

Regular study of yoga is the best way to grow in the absence of a Guru which most of us do not have the ability to enjoy.

Connecting with the three steps will help you create a full and amazing journey through life with the benefits of yoga. You can work in your own home or get a jump start with a yoga retreat or yoga vacation. One thing to keep in mind is the sooner you begin the journey the sooner you will find your inner harmony.

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