3 ways yoga can better your business

Yoga and… business?! Not quite the combination most people would put together but it’s a pairing that goes together just as well as wine and cheese. In fact, yoga goes well with just about anything. That’s because it’s a practice that trains both the body and mind for improved clarity, loving-kindness and strength. So adding a regular yoga practice to your life can absolutely better your business when think about all the benefits it can bring to your life. Here are our top 3 ways yoga can improve your business…

1) Increased focus and discipline

Yoga is fantastic for improving mental focus and discipline, especially if you do it daily. This ancient practice is all about learning to control the mind and body to enhance meditation. But it’s also great for applying to other areas of your life, such as business. A focused and disciplined mind is essential in growing your business, achieving goals and committing to business plans or strategies. Distraction can be fatal for business owners, especially if your business is focused on a niche area. If you’re looking to improve your business, a regular yoga and meditation practice will help you develop the focus and discipline you need to take your business to new heights.

2) Flexibility

Flexibility isn’t just a physical benefit of yoga; it can also benefit your mind. Business often imitates life, especially when it comes to the ups and downs, twists and turns that get thrown at us. A flexible approach is crucial to deal with these events. Yoga teachers often remind students to modify the pose or drop it altogether if it isn’t working for their body – the same can be said for business ventures or plans that just aren’t working out. Be flexible enough to move away from a plan that is negatively impacting your business or to adapt to sudden changes and obstacles that appear on your path to success. Yoga teaches us to honor our bodies and to listen to intuition. Once you master this Yogic principle in your practice, it will be so much easier to apply it to your business.

3) You’ll be less reactive

Your practice teaches you to step away from the chattering monkey mind and into the silent all-knowing space of your Self. This distances you from those quick, reactive emotions that arise when you can’t nail that handstand or your forward-fold just isn’t as folded as you’d like. The more you practice, the less importance you place on your reactions, which ultimately takes you further because without judgement you’re willing to take more risks. This quality has an immediate payoff when it comes to business; you’re less likely to fret when an obstacle appears and you’ll have a stronger ability to remain level-headed when faced with challenges. Learning to step away from your ego will do wonders for your business because you won’t be taking everything so personally and it will give you the clear sight you need to successfully execute your plans.

A yoga retreat is a great way to refresh your practice and build the momentum you need for a daily practice… and better business! Make 2019 your best year yet for business and for yourself. We’ve got an incredible retreat calendar this year and tons of retreat options to suit your needs. Contact us today.