Aerial Dance Retreat with Ana Prada – Nov27-Dec4 2010


Anamaya Silk Dance Retreat, with yoga and pilates.

Come to paradise to play, relax, connect with nature and get in shape with aerial dancer, pilates and yoga instructor Ana Prada.

Get introduced to aerial dance or improve your technique, using yoga and pilates to prepare your body and fly!

The workshop will take place in the most beautiful setting: Anamaya Body Mind and Spirit Resort, located in Montezuma, Costa Rica.

This will be an active retreat in a relaxed, friendly environment focusing on discovering the silk, being in the air, and playing while getting a workout. You will leave inspired and energized!

Aerial silk is a beautiful dance and circus art that’s part trapeze, part dance, and part yoga. Requiring strength, balance, and fearlessness, the dancer climbs up and down a long piece of silk that’s hung from the ceiling, and uses this fabric in a variety of ways to create poses, spins, and various tricks of grace and strength.

Ana’s program uses yoga and pilates as a warmup and cool-down, with a focus on aerial silk skills for the bulk of the class.

The class is open to all levels: beginners, intermediates, and advanced. With time and practice, almost anyone can learn the basics, but beginners will get more out of the class if they have some yoga experience, rock climbing, or other skills/experience that develops hand strength and flexibility.

The workshop will have two parts, the morning session we will warming up the body(yoga warm up) and getting conditioned (with
pilates exercises ) follower by a technique class where we will learn how to climb and to do different figures. The afternoon class will be focus on using the fabric as a swing (Known as Aerial Yoga or Antigravity Yoga). Hanging in different yoga asanas, letting the gravity and support from the fabric release compression, opening joints and working flexibility in a not forceful way, allowing the body to connect and open.

For this workshop you will have a minimum level of fitness, a physical practice, ex: yoga, rock climbing, budokon, pilates will be helpful.

To get ready : upper -body strength exercises will be great,

-chin up bar, hanging for series of 5 seconds, starting with series of 3
-abs while hanging(leg lifts) , obliques leg lifts.
-stability ball exercises that will work deep abdominal muscles.

Ana’s Bio

Ana has worked with companies like Cirque du Soleil, in Spain, the show ‘Ulalena (Maui, Hawaii) as an acrobat, dancer, and aerial coach, and she has also worked with groups such as Antigravity, Caravan Stage Barge, and the duo project Madame Molotov with Edith Sauvé.

She has also done numerous special events for Cirque Eloize, Cirque Fantastic, and Samadhi Aerials in places like Thailand, Switzerland, Canada, and the USA.

As a yoga and Pilates certified instructor, she travels and teaches far and wide, combining her seasoned experience as a yoga and Pilates instructor with all her wonderful tools including aerial work, conditioning skills, and injury prevention. She has shared her talents at many different studios in Montreal and Bogota and also at several international workshops and festivals in places such as Hawaii, Miami, Costa Rica and Colombia.

Dates: Nov 27 through Dec 4, 2010 (Saturday to Saturday)

Price: $1195

Includes: Accommodation at Anamaya, in Montezuma, Costa Rica.
Food (3 meals per day, gourmet organic health food. Vegetarian, Vegan, or Gluten-Free is available.)
All Yoga and Aerial Silk classes taught by Ana Prada.
Friday night party and show.

This will be Ana’s third aerial dance program at Anamaya.

Videos of Ana Prada at Anamaya:

Ana Prada at Anamaya – Practice
Video from Ana’s last retreat, including a show with her students

Photo Gallery from the last retreat:

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