Aerial Silks Workshop

Aerial Silks Workshop

DATES:  Feb 25 – March 4, 2017

Escape the winter season with us for our third annual Aerial Silks Workshop with AnikolovArts.

PRICE:  $295 for a 5 day workshop, 2 hours per day (does not include meals, accommodations, or any yoga packages)

WORKSHOP LEADER:  Alexandra Nikolova

AVAILABLY: Limited to 9 beginners, 8 intermediate/advanced.

FITNESS REQUIREMENTS: Open to individuals of moderate fitness ability (i.e. no debilitating health or physical conditions). No previous experience necessary, however, a regular practice of yoga or other strength-building exercises can be helpful for easier transition into the air. Open to all levels. Classes are split into 2 groups (Beginners and Int/Adv). Students are placed appropriately based on their prior experience/skill level. You do not need to be an aerialist to join.

Alex Aerial in Tree

Aerial Silks Description:

If you’re looking to enhance your physical fitness and mental well being in a creative and FUN setting, then this all levels Aerial Silks Workshop is for you!

Spend one week connecting to your body through creative movement, aerial dance, and circus arts, and feel what it’s like to reignite the child’s play within you.


Introduction to the fabric will begin with knot work low to the ground exploring maneuvers and poses most commonly seen in aerial yoga. Students will also learn the fundamental climbs, foot locks, exercises, and tricks seen in aerial silks. By the end of the week, flyers will have enough knowledge to create their own mini-sequence in the air with option to strut their stuff at the group circus showcase.


Get ready to become an aerial scientist! Using a methodological approach, students will be guided through the process on how to confidently dissect the complexity of various aerial wraps as a tool to begin inventing their own entries, exits, and transitions of tricks in the air. We will examine body biomechanics (how you move in space) as a way to improve technique and execute tricks with less effort, as well as explore the “what-if” game to prompt our invention of new maneuvers in a collective group effort. Swivels, beats, waist wraps, and helicopters are just some of the moves you’ll explore to integrate the above concepts into the rest of your aerial practice.

Additional private instruction is also available upon request. Private instruction must be booked prior to your arrival.

Experience freedom of movement in your body, your mind, and your soul. Gain confidence in your abilities (on and off the silk), feel supported and empowered in a safe, creative environment, and see how the practice of aerial dance can enhance your happiness and your LIFE.


  • Increases strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular stamina via dynamic body weight exercises.
  • Fine-tunes proprioception and kinesthetic awareness.
  • Enhances energy, circulation, joint mobility and serotonin levels (i.e. more happiness!)
  • Promotes creativity, artistic expression, and sense of self.
  • Increases self-esteem via community building, conquering fears

Alexandra Nikolova:

Alexandra NikolovaAlexandra Nikolova is an internationally acclaimed aerialist and movement artist based out of Fort Collins, CO. With over 17 years of movement experience, her extensive training includes gymnastics, tumbling, yoga, acting, circus, and fire dancing. Alex has been teaching aerial dance since 2011 providing workshops and retreats in the U.S, Europe, and Costa Rica.  She has performed alongside various artists and circus troupes such as Elephant Revival, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Fractal Tribe, MOTH Contemporary Circus, Visindi Circus, and Lunar Fire to name a few. In May 2016, Alex graduated from the professional circus-training program at MOTH Contemporary Circus in Denver, CO with a focus on looped straps and aerial rope. In 2014, Alex officially established her own business, AnikolovArts, an aerial dance studio and circus arts entertainment company.  Along with her partner, Live Beyond Limit, they aspire to bring inspiration, empowerment, community building, and avenues for exploring creative expression through the circus, yoga, and wellness services they offer.

Alex has been coming to Costa Rica since 2010, and has since made Montezuma her second home with regular seasonal visits each year. Alex remains to be one of the primary seasonal aerial instructors and performers at Anamaya Resort & Retreat Center. She is excited to return and offer her third retreat with them this February.


Alex Aerial

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