Anamaya’s Amenities

We offer a lot of different things to do or learn for a small boutique resort, because there are so many talented people who are one our staff or live in Montezuma. Many of the best options are shown below with a few details. Click the heading of each to read more details about them.

World's most beautiful yoga deck?

Yoga Deck:

The yoga deck is a huge draw for Anamaya, and probably the number one reason that people say they visit us. When we ask our guests how they made their decision of where to stay, it’s often the first thing that pops into their minds, “I wanted to do yoga on THAT deck!” High above the jungle and ocean below, it’s an unforgettable experience that’s a dream-come-true for many.

Costa Rica Aerial Silk Classes


We offer a variety of classes at Anamaya, depending on what our guests want and what amazing teachers are around. Lots of talented people turn up at Montezuma and whenever we hear of someone with something great to offer, we try to get them up to Anamaya to teach something. Some of the classes offered:

  • Aerial Silk
  • Cooking Workshop
  • Salsa Dancing
  • Surfing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Yoga Private

Costa Rica Luxury Spa

Spa & Massage:

We have a spa, which offers much of what you’d find in a small resort of our size. Primarily, our body workers do several types of massage, which can sometimes be done in your room or deck, depending on the unit you’re staying in. We also have various facial scrubs, exfoliation treatments, etc. We even offer acupuncture, which for many people can be tremendously relaxing.

The most beautiful swimming pool in Costa Rica

Saltwater Infinity Edge Pool:

Our pool is nearly legendary, with thousands of past guests posting fotos of themselves sitting on the infinity edge, with nothing but sky and water in the photo. We offer salt water because it’s much nicer on your eyes and better for your skin, as well as being the superior environment choice.

Costa Rica waterfall for swimming - Montezuma Falls


Montezuma’s famous waterfall is in our backyard! Behind our Bali Cabina you’ll find a hidden gate that leads straight down to the river. A five minute walk later through the primary forest there and you’ll find a set of huge pools with cliffs for jumping and diving, and a rope swing if you’re brave enough. For many people, there’s no greater paradise than a freshwater waterfall and natural swimming hole in the jungle. Live out your Tarzan fantasies here!

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