Anamaya May 2014 YTT- Day 1

The countdown was unbearable for many of us. We did all that we could to prepare for being far away from home and all that we know.  At some point or another we all realized there is only so much we can do to prepare before me finally reached this magic place called Costa Rica. And then it happened. The departure day came faster than we all expected. We said our goodbyes and each traveled  for hours, slept and ate in airports, cabbed, ferried or flew on a plane that was a little too small for comfort to reach our final destination. Some of us were traveling out of the country alone for the first time, but nothing could stop us from what we believed would be a journey of a lifetime. My God were we right!!


The final stretch to Anamaya from the ferry or cab is breathtaking. For some it was because we had never laid eyes on such a vast stretch of nature’s green goodness and for others because something about this place spoke to their soul saying welcome home. Completely surrounded by tall beautiful trees with strands for monkeys to play, untouched open fields and cows…not like the picture you saw when you were taught that they say Moooooooo… Costa Rican cows.  Horses and dogs were freely roaming. Locals buzzed by on their motorcycles and in pick up trucks with happy children; most of whom found a way to find our eyes and wave in passing. The road is barely paved. The driver has mastered not flipping the car over steering clear of what we call potholes in the city.  After a long drive the sign finally reveals itself. Anamaya. Butterflies in the tummy and heart rate sneaking up not knowing what to expect.  We all arrived at different times of the day each receiving pure kinds and reassurance; the biggest smile and hug welcoming us to our new home for the month to come.


After getting over the initial awe of the beautiful view from the hilltop, bare feet tiptoeing on the amazing yoga deck overlooking the ocean, the rest of the day was spent getting to know the staff and the brave yogis who came up with this clever idea to complete 200 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training in less than 30 days. Of course we all agreed that the pool would be the perfect place to converse.


The day ended in a large circle on the yoga deck sharing all of our walks of lives and what brought us to Anamaya. Tears were shed, secrets were told, giggles filled the space.  The energy and love amongst  us was something words will never express. In closing our spirits silently agreed, “this is going to be life changing.”

Peace Love & Light

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