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homeIt may seem that what I’m about to write has nothing to do with yoga. It’s not about a pose or a style of practice or about the latest fabulous bra to come out at Lululemon (not that I would know about that these days). It is however, about noticing and noticing has EVERYTHING to do with yoga.

Today as I was working at my other Anamaya job as hostess/assistant manager, I was looking at one of our cordless phones. The phone had a message on the screen that read “Searching for base”, so I put it in its cradle but the message stayed on the screen. What came out of my mouth had a profound effect on me and I was compelled to share it with you today. I simply said (to the phone of course), “stop searching for your home, you have already found it”.

The reason this effected me so, is that it really seems to me that most of us (myself included at times), always seem to be searching. Searching for the perfect car, house, t.v, partner or job, in essence, we are looking to the outside world to bring us happiness. Think about it though, does finding any of those things really MAKE us happy? No, at most they can make us more comfortable or bring us pleasure, but true happiness comes from inside ourselves. It is the root of our being and is always there, so really we need to look not to the outside world to feel complete, but inside ourselves. As I said to the phone so poignantly,

“Stop searching, you are already home”.

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