Anamaya Yoga Center Now Accepting Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

yoga for bitcoin and cryptocurrency

By Geoff McCabe, co-owner Anamaya Resort

I’m very happy to announce that we’re now going to be accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at Anamaya, and anyone paying with them will receive a 5% discount!

What’s the big deal about “cryptos”? Everyone is hearing about bitcoin in the news, but what are they really and what do they mean to you?

Well first of all, I think we’re the first yoga center in the world to officially accept them? I checked online and didn’t see any others.

Second this is great because there are no fees to banks, PayPal, Visa, etc. Who doesn’t like NOT paying the banksters, right?

What are cryptocurrencies? Basically they’re a new technology, created BY PEOPLE FOR PEOPLE as a way of taking power away from banks and governments who, for decades (centuries) have used control of money to manipulate and control the public. They start wars and fund both sides, creating debt that’s paid back as taxes. Ordinary people now have the power to fight the system we’ve been stuck with for a long time.

If you don’t have bitcoin or cryptocurrencies and want to start, you can read online and watch videos. In fact, one of the owners, our very own Kelsey Matheson-McCord, has just started a video blog to teach newbies all they need to know, so you can follow along with her.

If you’re ready to pay with cryptos, talk to our team, and you can use one of these addresses to pay:

BTC – Bitcoin: 1MpevKibSiJyCfpMPVSq8v8nqU1gHzv5iZ
ETH – Ether: 0x6F95b679F68f3f24b8b60A4F09A36409357769C8
LTC – Litecoin: Lg5Rvh8romo3gYinzmSVTeEK2aLyAYN9ji

Others? Tell us your favorite and we’ll probably make a wallet for it. Contact [email protected]

Two of Anamaya’s founders are also working on a new cryptocurrency that’s much easier to use than Bitcoin and current ones. If you’re interested in that, visit the website: