Anamaya Yoga Retreat: A Vinyasa Flow disguised as a Vacation

With Janet Love

 If you love all that a great yoga flow class offers you, you will absolutely love the Anamaya Experience. Now, thanks to the spa vacation trend and yoga’s popularity, those who want to stretch out and rejuvenate while also enjoying a beach, surf or a hiking adventure, can have it all.  So pack your bags (no need to pack your yoga mat, we have you covered), book an adventure with Anamaya, and enjoy kicking back with a few ohm’s. Imagine practicing sun salutations to the sound of howling monkeys and chirping birds while looking out onto the extraordinary breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean.

 Yoga is a part of the Anamaya wellness philosophy, whether you’re a weekend warrior attending once-a-week classes or a seasoned yogi(ni) who has made the practice and it’s philosophy a way of life – we have the retreat package for you. No matter your preferred stye of yoga, our retreats offer you soothing escapes and life-changing experiences.  With our carefully selected list of yoga instructors, you’ll be ready to enjoy the vinyasa voyage of a lifetime.   Our resort promises a vacation for both the mind and body.  Combining adventure with the calmness of yoga, learn about leading a sustainable lifestyle at one of the world’s best eco-resorts.

 “Vinyasa” names a type of yoga characterized by its flow. Your days at Anamaya, both on and off the yoga deck, have fluidity to them.  Start the day off the mat with sun-salutations, awakening to the gorgeous sunrise, followed by nourishing your body with fresh seasonal fruit with homemade granola.  Now you’re ready to step onto your mat, strike a pose, open up, and enjoy an “ah-ha” moment with the jaw-dropping panoramic view of the lush greenlandscapes and the Nicoya Gulf coastline.


After your morning yoga, a buffet breakfast is available.  As the service begins one feels the full embrace of the warm Anamaya staff.  Our early morning yoga is designed to open your body, loosen your joints and prep you for your afternoon adventures. We offer hiking to nearby waterfalls, exploring a butterfly farm, zip-lining, and surfing the local beaches with our expert surf camp instructors.. Anamaya is not your typical strict yoga retreat, but more of a yoga holiday escape. Meditation is available as you visit our spa, dedicated to restoring balance with our team of in house wellness consultants. Pamper yourself with one of our signature massages, or just relax in the infinity pool and then melt your tensions away in our in-fared sauna.

Infinity Pool

Evening meals are a communal affair, where all share in exquisite lovingly prepared organic vegetarian dishes harvested sustainably mostly from our own local farm: Rancho Delisioso.  We offer tours of the farm where you can learn about renewable permaculture and organic farming.


After dinner, find your center as the evening breeze cools you down during the restorative yoga session. Ending in Shavasana: the end of a yoga practice allowing a person to release emotions and physical tension. Just like Shavasana, the retreat must come to an end.  Coming full circle, tears are shed for newly forged friendships, for personal progress, for the beauty that comes from within.  Knowing you are not the same, you will not fret the small stuff or be dependent on your gadgets.  Real life will return, as Anamaya has worked it’s magical qualities into your soul and your being leaving you in a shavasana state of mind.



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