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Anamaya: For Mind, Body and Spirit

Anamaya Resort is truly an exotic place, built on a cliff edge and overlooking the most incredible ocean views. The resort is next to an epic waterfall, surrounded by rainforests, and located in one of the world’s most beautiful tropical beach towns, Montezuma. “Anamaya” is Sanskrit for “good health” and to us that means great healthy food, rest and relaxation, exercise, and lots of fun and laughter. Our boutique retreat center offers gourmet organic food, yoga teacher trainings, several types of yoga classes and yoga retreats, a variety of luxurious spa services, an array of uniquely designed retreat packages, and workshops all for your body, mind and spirit.

Saltwater Infinity Pool at Anamaya Resort

Anamaya also offers our guests fire dancing and circus entertainment experiences, exciting local excursions, and intimate and tranquil accommodations to enhance the exotic and unique experience of visiting Costa Rica. We strive to provide our guests with a once in a lifetime adventure, and if that wasn’t enough, perhaps one of the best things we offer is our guests themselves. You will truly enjoy your meeting other “Anamayans” from around the world, and sharing this experience with your many new friends.

Costa Rica Surf Camp in Montezuma/Santa-Teresa/Malpais

Montezuma is located in the southern Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica on the Pacific Ocean, just 25 minutes from Santa Teresa / Malpais. The Nicoya Peninsula has been designated one of the world’s Blue Zones by author Dan Buettner, one of five areas in the world where people are known to live the longest and healthiest.  From the moment of your arrival, you’ll know you’ve found a very magical place and during your stay at Anamaya, you’ll discover more about the true gifts of life, about yourself, and a few secrets about longevity.

Our Four Main Types of Retreats



Relaxing in a Hammock - photo thanks to pditty's Instagram


Our Retreat Center Amenities:

You’ll enjoy the beauty of the rainforest and the comforts of a refuge in our unique cabinas. Anamaya offers:


Costa Rica Retreat Packages:

Anamaya offers a variety of retreat packages, available from Saturday to Saturday. They include:


Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training:

Our Costa Rica yoga retreats are now running nearly every week, so check our schedule in the retreats section. We have extensive details about what we’re offering, as well as an FAQ section that will answer most of your questions about how to get here, what the rooms are like, how far away the beach is, etc. Suffice to say that Anamaya will be one of the most amazing experiences of your life. Check out our raving reviews on Trip Advisor to see what our guests have been saying: Anamaya on Trip Advisor.

Anamaya offers several yoga certification classes each year, usually 4-week, 200-hour programs that will fulfill all the requirements to be certified by the Yoga Alliance as a professional yoga teacher. Imagine living for four weeks at one of the most beautiful places on earth, and at the end of it, you will be incredibly healthy and be on track to a new career. Many of our students don’t plan to be yoga teachers but instead take the course to deepen their own yoga practice and improve their physical, mental, and spiritual health.

We hire the best teachers we can find so that your yoga instructor training will be top-notch. Each has his or her own specialty, but they are all amazing in their own way. Read more about them here: Yoga Teacher Training Costa Rica

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