Anamaya’s Bandhas Workshop

DATES:  August 23 – 30, 2014
PRICE:  $35 drop-in fee or $75 for a 3-day package
WORKSHOP LEADER:  Peter Kaaberbol

Bandhas Workshop Description

Bandhas WorkshopYoga is a spiritual practice and Yoga is a physical / asana flow.  Bandhas (energy locks / valves) helps to create a meeting between body and soul so that we can get in touch with our spiritual practices.  The bandhas are an excellent tool to use towards the development of one’s spiritual side.

Through understanding the spiritual / energetic flow we can find a deeper and easier approach to our spiritual practice through yoga.

In this Bandhas workshop, we will work both theoretically and practically with our Maha Bandha: (Moola bandha, Uddhyiana Bandha and Jalandhara combined)

The Bandhas are really supports or unlocks. They are a way to coordinate the diaphragms of the body to create an open central canal as well as inner body support. Whenever we coordinate the breath and the movement we are using something like the Bandhas.  The bandhas are trying to reset your clock, so to speak, by locking the pranas in particular areas and redirecting their flow into sushumna nadi (Central spine).

The Bandhas affect the breath and the prana in the same way. When we lock out the breath from going into one pathway, it is forced to take another one.  Thus it unlocks your typical breathing pattern, creating another more clear, more direct passage for the breath.

It is important to know that each Bandha feeds the next and though you can and sometimes do apply them in isolation, they are meant to support one another from the bottom to top.

About Peter Kaaberbol

peter kaaberbol

Peter Kaaberbøl Kristensen is the founder of LagoCph yoga school in Copenhagen, Denmark, and X-Pand Me body stretching system. He is a master practitioner of yoga, meditation, martial arts, and bodywork and for the past 12 years has devoted his life to educating yoga teachers around the world. Peter has a gift for breaking down complex yogic principles into simple guidance that helps the trainee investigate the body’s subtle energies. By bringing trainees’ awareness to their inner worlds, Peter helps them deepen their practice from the inside out.

Peter brings his yoga practice into all areas of his life, and helps his trainees do the same by guiding them to the subtle wisdom within their own bodies. He began practicing yoga at 18 and has studied with a broad range of classical Indian teachers including Akhil Bhattacharya and massage master Rahul Bharti in Nepal. He has practiced extensively in India, Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Japan, and the United States. His interest in bodywork and movement took him to martial arts, including Aikido and Capoeira, Thai yoga therapy, and Acro yoga.

Peter runs his teacher training programs in Denmark and, in tandem with Paula Tursi, in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Honduras. He lives in Copenhagen with his wife and two daughters.

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