Ananda Yoga and Meditation

We live in a chaotic world where we run around trying to maintain some sort of balance and harmony. The daily demands that weigh us down can eventually take their toll on us. So, how do we rise above the chaos and remain in a healthy state of mind? Being able to have a plan to fall back on is very important. A great plan to fall back on which we can learn through yoga teacher training is Ananda Yoga and Meditation.

The pursuit of happiness in everyone’s life can really be targeted down to your level of awareness. Being able to find the next level of awareness in your life can open an entire new level and realm. This state of consciousness that we live in can determine the outcome and feelings in your life. Yoga teaching will guide you to being able to reach this state and look for a better balance.

Ananda Yoga and meditation helps you focus on being able to improve the three levels of your existence which are: spiritual, mental and physical. You are the spirit, you have intellect and you live in a body. Being able to maximize all three areas is essential to finding success in your life. Being able to find awareness of how these three different areas are connected is an important step to everyone. Yoga teacher training focuses on being able to identify them and show you how to find a sort of harmony among them to become centered and balanced.

Yoga and Meditation Benefits

One of the ways that Ananda Yoga and meditation can bring you benefits is through the practice of yoga postures and body angles. The angles will help you to release the energy in different chakras through your body. With the free flow of energy throughout your body you will become more balanced. Balance is important and required for you to be able to live a quality life. You will become able to stop reacting and instead realize that your attitude in every situation you encounter is a choice. You will be able to develop deeper interpersonal relationships as you become aware of this new calmness you accept. Yoga teacher training helps you acknowledge this and will show you the tools to reach in deeper and become more alert of your surroundings and your inner awareness.

Breathing Techniques and Yoga

You will also learn breathing techniques through your yoga teaching which are also used in Ananda yoga and meditation. While you are visualizing through meditations it is easy for your mind to wander. Through your breathing techniques, you will learn how to center and learn to control your thoughts during practice. If you can learn how to control your breathing, you will become able to control your mind. The breath is the basic need for living, yet it holds the key to more powerful things.

Relaxation and Yoga

The core of every Ananda yoga and meditation exercise is relaxation. You need to learn to remain calm and stay relaxed while in the middle of any situation. If you encounter a physically different situation you need to stay grounded and not lose your ability to relax. Relaxation can be the key element of any successful individual. You will learn to become aware of how the energy is always flowing through your body. In most cases, you will learn to feel the difference of how the energy moves while you are doing the exercises. Yoga teacher training will guide you to realize the change that happens in your body through exercise versus regular state of being.

Ananda yoga and meditation are different in two different areas then other forms of yoga. Energization exercises and asana help differentiate this style and provides a definite advantage. The Energization exercises are important for the energy control in your body. They help keep your state of mind in the go during your exercise. They also keep the mind more focused and help unite the physical and mental areas together.

Ananda yoga and meditation are so important to a healthy lifestyle and can bring you such balance. Yoga teacher training is growing in this style and teaching us that we can become a calm, relaxed, and more balanced person. This makes us stronger and healthier in all aspects of our life.

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