Ananda Yoga Practice

Ananda Yoga PracticeAnanda Yoga is a technique that was founded by Swami Kriyananda. Our highest inner happiness is referred to as Ananda, which in Sanskrit means bliss. Ananda does not come from an outer source but is inside each of us. Many are looking to become yoga certified and find a yoga teacher training program that will help them achieve a stronger practice and be able to offer this style to those interested.

We can see the huge influence that our mind has on our body through our life span. With that in mind it makes sense that the more connected and aware we are of our mind and body the more that they can work as one and provide you with balance and stronger spirit. Ananda Yoga teaching puts a lot of emphasis on the connection between your mind, body and spirit. This also makes a connection to the yoga poses and the attitude of your mind. Ananda yoga teaching also provides powerful tools through yoga practice that give you help raising your consciousness.

Yoga teacher training helps us realize the spiritual and psychological benefits that are available to you if you can combine asanas with what Ananda yoga teaching is all about.

Practice of Ananda Yoga

With your yoga teacher training practice you will learn that Ananda Yoga connects the practice of relaxing into your postures. This technique includes all of the following: Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga philosophy. This style of yoga teaching has a unique method called The Energizing Exercises which consists of a series of 39 special energy control techniques. These techniques are designed to help you increase your focus, control the life force inside you, and to become aware of your body’s energy through the individual muscle tightening and releasing. You will do this while using an energizing double breath.

The Goal of Ananda Yoga Practice

While you are practicing this style of yoga you will soon increase your awareness and raise your consciousness through a harmonious development of your body, mind and soul. Yoga practice provides the tools you need to find a perfect harmony of your body, mind and soul. You will also have the benefit on a physical level of improving health. For your mental level you will find a balance of personality and the chaos that surrounds you. Your soul will grow and expand freely with yoga practice and you will reach a state of enlightenment.

Ananda yoga teacher training will show you how to take this practice and generate and increase an inward and upward flow of energy while in a safe, balanced, and conscious way. Each part of this method including your attitude should contribute to reaching this goal. Everything else around you will be a distraction. Some asanas and pranayama’s do not fit within an Ananda yoga practice but yoga teacher training will guide you to which ones do apply.

What techniques do fit?

Ananda yoga has its own guidelines to follow for a smooth practice. Some of these are listed below:

  • Energization: being able to master your Energization takes your practice to a new level. Increasing your awareness and energy makes this possible. One through your awareness can you draw your energy inward and upward. Energization also gives your nervous system the ability to handle more and more energy and is a contributor to the goal.
  • Sequence: yoga routines are sequenced so that they bring energy inward and upward. Standing asanas begin so that they can center your awareness on your spine and connect with the energy. The floor poses are designed to open and stretch out your spine and focus energy there. The deep relaxation during Savasana helps you to internalize the energy in your brain. And through meditation you bring the energy to your spiritual eye.
  • Continuous awareness: slowly and consciously we move in and out of the asanas so we to do not interrupt our awareness of the energy flow that we are generating. By moving this way, we can increase our awareness through the routine and as it increases so does our energy.
  • Pauses: we pause in a neutral pose between active poses to come back and center ourselves and work toward the goal.

Ananda yoga is a combination of yoga poses and deep attunement to your energy in the body, mind, and soul. Yoga teacher training will give you the skills to have a strong practice.

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