Ananda Yoga Teacher Training

Ananda Yoga Teacher TrainingWe need to be able to go beyond the physical portion of the exercise and dive into the deeper areas of yoga. It is a life changing experience for everyone that practices yoga. As you experience Ananda unique focus to working in unison with your body and its energies for spiritual growth and wellness on all levels you will wake up and reevaluation your life. Yoga teacher training in this method may be a new you just waiting to be found.

Immerse yourself completely

View yoga as a way of life and going through a yoga teacher training program will give you a certificate that is much more than just learning techniques. You will become a full time part of the yoga teaching community as you explore ways to be creative with your yoga and you will gain a new support system full of a community of long time yogis.

Go deep into your practice

You will be able to explore the powerful practice and classical yoga meditation techniques and the Energization exercises. You will be able to teach a broad range of yoga practices including:

  • 30 different types of asanas including how to draw you spiritual benefits
  • Asana mechanics, cautions and how to modify for those with limitations
  • How to work with the body’s energy including chakras and Kundalini
  • Classical pranayama techniques

Go Past the Techniques

The curriculum that you will be involved with will also include:

  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Yoga sutras
  • Bhagvad Gita
  • Yoga lifestyle
  • Yoga diet
  • Magnetic living
  • Anatomy and physiology for yoga teachers

What you can become as a teacher:

  • You can teach groups or a one on one practice
  • Learn how to assist and adjust your students through their asanas
  • Learn how to refine your teaching
  • Learn how to plan a class: structure/sequences/teaching style/marketing


The yoga teacher training program focuses on a personal spiritual development through a yoga practice as well as learning how to teach asanas. During the time you are in training you will have an opportunity to live the yogic lifestyle and experience a spiritual community. The training will give you the chance to explore your own development of body, mind and spirit through an exposure to the fullness of the yogi tradition. This training program brings you the ability to increase your intuition, compassion, love and sense of service through the deepening and your understanding of yoga.

Level 1 Teacher Training

This yoga teacher training certification is 200 hours of training. After you complete this training you can become a registered yoga teacher. This training is designed for those that are familiar and have a regular yoga practice already. They can come and be a part of the first round of training and learn the asanas that are connected to Ananda yoga and what techniques are involved.

Level 2 Advance Teacher Training

This level explores the deeper levels of Ananda yoga with stronger focus on meditation, philosophy, pranayama, asanas, teacher skills, and spiritual growth. It is 300 hours of training. There are three different areas of study:

  1. Coursework
  2. Teaching experience at home
  3. Final teaching practicum

The coursework that is involved are:

  • Advanced pranayama
  • Ananda meditation teacher training 1
  • Ananda yoga teacher training assistantship
  • The essence of Bhagavad Gita
  • The essence of the Yoga Sutras
  • Spiritual Counselor training

Elective courses:

  • Experience the higher teachings of yoga
  • Ananda meditation teacher training 2
  • Communing-advanced practices
  • Balance your core energy: yoga for the chakras
  • Kriya yoga preparation
  • Restorative yoga teacher training
  • Ayurvedic healing and yoga retreat

Teaching experience at home

You will need to have at least 100 hours of experience as a lead teacher from home after having completed the first teacher training level 1.

Final Teaching Practicum

Once you have finished the yoga teacher training level 2 coursework you last piece is to complete a final 3 hour yoga teaching session:

  • Yogananda’ s Energization Exercises-1 hour
  • Ananda-style asana and pranayama practice-1 hour
  • Ananda style meditation-1 hour

This can be done by completely your own teaching at home and recording it by video.

The benefits of becoming a yoga teacher and going through a yoga teacher training program for Ananda Yoga bring you many benefits. You will be able to create a new direction in your life, become more personally empowered, and connect with your highest self.

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