Angela Gonzalez – Staff Yoga Writer

Angela Gonzalez, yoga teacher from the Philippines
Namaste! I’m Angela Gonzalez from the Philippines. I would like to start my introduction by saying that I
have been a vegetarian since birth and was brought up practicing the yoga lifestyle. I always give credit
to my parents and siblings for without them I would not have a deeper understanding and realization of
what yoga is all about. Yoga is more than a physical exercise routine for me. It is a lifestyle. I call my
personal yoga company ‘Sarala Yoga.’ The sanskrit word ‘Sarala’ means simple, honest, and sincere.
This is how I would describe the Yoga lifestyle.

My journey as a yoga instructor started at the very early age of 15. I was not yet professional but I already
started giving classes to friends and relatives. When I turned 17, I became a senior instructor and
events organizer of a school-based yoga club with chapters all over the Philippines. I am frequently being
invited to teach hatha yoga as part of ‘stress management’ seminars and ‘alternative health lifestyle’
workshops in colleges and offices. Even up to this day, I continue to be a volunteer program adviser for
this organization. I create yoga wellness retreat and training programs for this growing society.

In 2007, in my desire to deepen my knowledge in yoga, I obtained my yoga asana certifications in India.
My first course focused on the Astanga Vinyasa under the guidance of BNS Iyengar in Mysore, the Yoga
Capital of India. Then it was followed by an intensive course on Yoga: Body, Breath and Mind and Yoga
Therapy in Chennai. I trained under world-renowned yoga teachers, A.G. Mohan and his wife, Indra
Mohan. The Mohans are intimate disciples of Sri Krishnamacharya, who is recognized as the father of
modern yoga. The majority of the world’s most prominent yoga teachers have all come from the line of

I am also a member of the Wushu Federation of the Philippines where I acquired my wushu and tai
chi skills, the principles of which are very similar to hatha yoga. I also recently started to do aerial silk
dancing. I try to study and incorporate as much of other forms of physical activity to my own practice.
Yoga has greatly helped me in improving these activities as it really compliments most sports.

Aside from the experience I had in teaching, I also learned valuable lessons by living the yoga lifestyle,
which I would like to share to you through my articles.

In yoga, we are taught to respect all living being . This respect is founded on one’s humility. A humble
person is ready to offer respects to all without expecting anything in return. “Namaste, I give my respects
to you.” ‘Namaste’ as a form of paying respects and extending our best wishes to one another. (I will
be featuring commonly used yoga terms in my next articles) Yoga taught me that genuine friendship or
camaraderie is based on the understanding brothers in one family.

I learned that the yoga lifestyle is a life of simplicity. We live simply ─ by accepting only things necessary
for one’s survival. One should not over consume nor over endeavor which both complicate our day to day
existence, as Mahatma Ghandi said “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every
man’s greed”.

I realized that one must have great determination and discipline to be able to walk through the path
towards its goal

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