Anusara Yoga and the Yoga Teaching Behind It

Anusara Yoga and the Yoga Teaching Behind ItFor the experienced yogi sometimes there is just a moment where you need to expand your practice and find another route to enjoying yoga. Anusara Yoga is one that you should maybe look at or rediscover to throw a curve ball into your regular routine. Anusara Yoga practice is fun, lighthearted and positive. It is not an easy form of yoga but they follow the idea of vinyasa flow and making sure that you are in proper alignment. Yoga teacher training will take the yoga lover and bring a new twist to the practice.

What is it? History of Anusara Yoga

Anusara Yoga has a unique history and is a more modern version of the classic and traditional idea behind yoga. Anusara yoga was just created in 1997 by John Friend. The philosophy of this style of yoga centers on the belief of “celebration of life”. Anusara yoga is based on the original teachings of Hatha Yoga which dates way back to the 14th century. Hatha Yoga focuses on the Sun and Moon Balance and Anusara Yoga has taken that idea and built from it to find its own mind and body balance and bring it into the yoga teaching community.

Positive Focus of Anusara Yoga

Anusara yoga is based on Hatha Yoga and shares some of the same key elements of other yoga types. The traditional asana factor is involved and how it deals with your posture and developing a detoxing effect by connecting your mind and body. As part of the yoga teacher training, a yoga teacher will not come around fixing your posture during a session but would rather have you feel your own way. Teachers are there to provide instruction for you and to aid you with tools that will help you develop your own practicing method.

Anusara Yoga Structure-3 A’s

While practicing this style of yoga, the focus is not on mastering the pose but rather to be able to open yourself up to a higher awareness and find the strongest goodness within. John Friend designed this yoga with the intention of seeking a balanced energy with the 3 A’s: Attitude, Alignment, and Action.

Attitude-is how the student will approach the pose, the opening of grace or spiritual awakening.

Alignment-is how aware your body is during a pose finding its balance.

Action-is the energy that your body produces while actively engaged in the pose with stability and freedom.

The sessions that a yoga teacher training will take you through will have a beginning, middle and end. The session will begin with a common Anusara yoga routine through several stages and end with meditation or a centering exercise.

Postures connected with Anusara Yoga

There are over 250 yoga poses that yoga teacher training will incorporate into their yoga teaching repertoire. The poses include all of the traditional Yoga asanas. Anusara yoga works at keeping a balance between the different styles of poses including the forward and backbends, the standing poses, hand-balancing poses and many others.


Anusara yoga is based on the Tantric Philosophy of Intrinsic Goodness and focuses on self-esteem, self-empowerment and an overall sense of positivity. Many people are looking for sessions with instructors that have yoga certification in this area. Medical experts are agreeing that the connection between a positive mind and body balance can be healthy. Anusara yoga is a great way to deal with stress or a new way to explore a new way of spirituality that dates back.

The ultimate goal of practicing Anusara Yoga is to reveal and awaken the students own Divine nature and culture and to bring them a sense of self-empowerment. Yoga teacher training will make sure that with each session and each pose you are ensuring that the balance and empowerment is achieved.

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