Anusara Yoga Benefits

Anusara Yoga BenefitsYoga dates back to an ancient Indian art that is used to upgrade the condition of both your mind and body. To sum it up-it helps purify the body, heart and bring energy to the mind so that you are able to experience a spiritual vision. Anusara Yoga is a modified version of the traditional Hatha Yoga. Yoga teacher training will show you how a regular practice of this type of yoga will bring a sense of mental tranquility to you.

Health Benefits of Anusara Yoga

There are so many benefits of practicing this style of yoga but some of the most important are listed here. During yoga teacher training we are taught that this style of yoga makes you focus on your mental wellness but also how important your physical health is too. Working with a yoga teacher and this style will help bring more awareness to your feelings. It is a proven fact that you will walk away from a session feeling more energized, less fatigued and more relaxed.

This style of yoga teaching shows you poses that allow your heart to open. You have the opportunity to express yourself and your inner feelings, which tend to lay hidden. Anusara yoga has also been linked to a healthier lifestyle and you may not become ill as easily. It provides flexibility to your body which helps stretch out the ligaments, tendons and muscles which help your overall posture. While going through yoga certification your instructor will learn the importance of deep and mindful breathing exercises which will help your lung capacity. Being able to control your breathing even outside of a yoga studio can be especially helpful to relieve stress.

Your Physical Strength

During yoga teacher training we are shown that with regular practice of Anusara Yoga you will be more energized and able to fight off illness. Your body will be strong and able to fight any bacteria or virus that tries to settle itself down with you. Being physical and mentally stronger gives your body the message to improve the immune system and protect you from any infection that comes your way.

Improve your Breathing

Anusara Yoga is also a benefit for those that may suffer from an emotional disorder or mood swings. This style of yoga will teach you how to face situations in your life that trigger your emotional pain and work through it. Your breathing exercises will also help build your respiratory system stronger.

Excessive Backup for your body

We all know that in order to keep a healthy body we need to take care of you muscles and bones. Our muscles keep us going and have to be kept strong and resilient.  Another focus is that we have to keep our circulation moving to allow for healthy bone growth, tissue building and that all the cellular structures in our bodies are healthy. Anusara yoga will help ensure that all these systems are healthy and keeping you strong.

Great for Lungs

Being able to control our breathing and making sure that we fill our lungs to capacity ensures that we are bringing enough oxygen into our blood stream to provide for all our organs and systems. Lungs are vital internal organs that can benefit from regular yoga practice.

Anusara Yoga can bring great relief into your life. If you tend to fall to illness a lot your body will be weak and tired which affects your mental wellness. Go find an instructor that went through proper yoga teacher training and get started on keeping your body in its healthiest form.

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