Anusara Yoga Retreats

Anusara yoga retreatsAnusara Yoga is a style of yoga that means “flowing with grace, flowing with nature, and following your heart.” This style of yoga is fairly new having been created by John Friend in 1997, but still follows the Hatha Yoga traditions. Anusara yoga retreats are now making this style part of their daily schedules so that those not familiar with it can learn the secrets.

Anusara yoga has become one of the most respected schools of Hatha Yoga and has thousands of yoga teachers worldwide. It is growing in popularity because of its philosophy and celebration of the heart. Students can participate in this no matter what level of yoga they currently practice. This vision sets the tone for yoga certification and the family type connection teachers and students have to each other.

Time to get away

If you are feeling tired and have a heavy load at your job maybe it is time to stop and look at getting away to a yoga vacation. Take the time and give yourself the gift of going away on a Anusara yoga retreat and taking the time to think about being alive, accepting who you are, and discovering your inner self. Let the Anusara yoga retreat transport you from your daily routine into your heart, mingling with a group of fascinating people, and indulging in the beauty of nature to some of the most beautiful destinations around the world. The goal of going away on this Anusara yoga retreat is to break the norm. Get away from your daily routine or habit and allow yourself to adapt to a new in-depth self-discovery.


Take the time and do something for yourself. The Anusara yoga retreats all teach you the essentials of yogic living in different ways:

  • Refinement of yoga poses-giving yourself the time to find that alignment and naturally being able to achieve it.
  • Deeper understanding of Anusara’s Universal Principles of Alignment-the body should naturally be able to find the pose and then work within that pose
  • Meditation-being able to stop and be still
  • Mantra-tool to help you free yourself from thoughts
  • Pranayama (Breathing Basics)-Being able to naturally connect your breathing with your movement so that there is no thought process behind the motion.


All Anusara yoga retreats also connect the core elements of yoga, food and awareness. The level for each is determined by which type of retreat you decide to enjoy. Some basics that are additionally offered at the retreats are:

Cleanses- our bodies are so polluted just from the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the pollution around us on a daily routine. Our bodies have trouble functioning in the capacity they were meant to so we need to take care of it. Cleansing programs are offered at retreats to help purify your body. Some of these things are: fasting with fruit juices, detoxifying your colon, getting acupuncture or an abdominal massage, and always yoga and meditation.

Yoga Sessions and Training- whether you enjoy a yoga retreat for pleasure or if you are immersing yourself to build your yoga teaching skills, you can take hours of yoga classes or begin a training program.

Specialty Retreats Within-Combining the wonders of yoga along with another form of fun is what these Anusara yoga retreats are all about. Not only do you have the outstanding food to enjoy while away, the yoga sessions to educate yourself and feel stronger, but most retreats also offer off site adventures and tours. Depending on your location you may be able to take paddle boarding or surf lessons, raw food preparation courses, hiking in lush jungles or across mountain peaks, or lounging on the sun warmed beaches. An Anusara yoga retreat and yoga vacation all in one.

Anusara yoga retreats are a fantastic way to take a break from your everyday stresses, give yourself ME time, and reconnect and strengthen your heart, mind, body and spirit. Your body will feel more balanced and lighter, your heart will be open and your mind will be clear and free of clutter. If you allow yourself the time to heal amazing things will happen. Give yourself the gift of time to be alone and aware of yourself you will be challenged to push yourself to your limit and nurture yourself at the same time.

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