Baptiste Yoga Method

Baptiste Yoga MethodWhen you hear Baptiste yoga it is referring to Baron Baptiste’s style which is power vinyasa yoga. Baron Baptiste and his sister Sherri Baptiste Freeman grew up surrounded by yoga, physical fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. They are both very successful yoga teachers in the states. Yoga teacher training takes the emphasis of this style of yoga and brings it to the classroom. Anamaya Resort may not offer this style of training but intends to educate the yoga community of yoga styles that are available.

The purpose of this style of yoga is to bring the mind and body fitness into mind. Through stretching, strengthening and purifying the muscles of your mind and body. The class focuses on a series of traditional Hatha Yoga poses or asanas which are held in accurate alignment. This allows for you to have full range of motion with your muscles, joints, bones, as well as giving you the ability to develop and control your deeper breathing patterns. Yoga teacher training takes the Baptiste Style of yoga and include Hatha Yoga and other old and new skills to bring you the best emotional, mental and physical sense of well-being.

Power Up

Baptiste Yoga is a style that is also practiced with high energy and in a heated room. This helps to bring your yoga teaching experience to a new personal power level. This style of yoga is a journey to personal transformation on many different levels such as: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. By taking control of your life and making this part of your practice you may find you become healthier in mind, body and spirit by adding some positive changes.

Flow Motion

An important key to Baptiste Yoga is that the poses are not held for long periods of time but rather flow from one to another in a fluid motion or sequence. The emphasis is placed on your breathing and uses that breathing in certain ways as you move from one set pose to another. In other styles of yoga the pose may be held for longer periods of time with an obvious transition between poses. This flowing style of practice helps relax the body and mind and keeps the body in a flowing motion.

Find a yoga teacher

Many studios offer this style of yoga and you should be able to find someone that has gone through yoga certification for Baptiste Yoga. There are many yoga teacher training locations and each teacher should be taking what they have learned there and applying it to your class practice. You can ask the teachers you work with where they went through training and if you are interested do further research to take the training yourself.

Boot Camp Retreats

If you want to find a fun and new get away or retreat, Baptiste Yoga offers training retreats that you can attend that is referred to as Boot Camp all over the world. These are week long sessions of boot camp that gives students time to get away from their regular life duties and completely immerse themselves into a new emotional and healthy lifestyle. The boot camp workshops provide healthy food, yoga class sessions and other personal growth opportunities.

Bring Change to Your Life

This style of yoga will help bring a change into your life. It will guide you down the steps to a greater sense of energy and vitality, and strength. This class style is energetic and active but any level of fitness can enjoy it. You will be guided through yoga teacher training experts how to work within the level of your ability. The main concept through this practice is to bring a transformation to your life and your physical body. Through guided yoga teachings you will find inspiration, and eventually with your hard work you will begin to relieve the stress and anxiety stored up. You will notice a change and toning affect in your muscles, be more flexible and feel a greater sense of calm within and around you.

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