Baptiste Yoga Retreats

Baptiste Yoga RetreatsIt is time to spread your wings and take on a new adventure. Baptiste yoga retreats offer you that experience. Go enjoy and expand your spirit with a new yoga adventure.

What Baptiste Yoga will focus on?

Baptiste Yoga teaches us how to breathe, relax our minds and let go of outside sources that clutter our thoughts so that we can find our center and focus on our own internal voice. This yoga style aims at making practitioners healthy and transforming positive changes in their emotional, physical and mental selves in a short period of time.

This style of yoga teaching is easy for anyone of any size, age or ability to experience. It is a flowing style of yoga that can be modified to work for your body and fitness level. A yoga teacher gives you the power to choose where to start your practice. You can start Vinyasa and move from pose to pose in your own sequence while you focus on your breathing. Being able to focus on your breathing gives the practitioner the ability to be completely present and allows you to rid yourself of thoughts, which bring energy to your mind and body.

Let’s get started

The yoga retreat will take you away to a place where you can focus on your own strength, power and grace. This kind of retreat gives you the power and time to discover who you are. The yoga retreat will focus on practicing asanas, pranayamas and meditation sequencing to re-connect and balance all the energy centers in your body. This is so powerful and makes such a transformation in your body and awareness. This transformation gives you the ability to reach out and do more, be more, and live a better life with more integrity.

Many of us go through periods in our lives where we feel “stuck” and do not have any idea how to move forward. Going away on a Baptiste yoga retreat will help open those doors for you. You will be re-introduced to your beauty, strength and essence in a way that you can easily connect and experience. You will be able to dive into your mind and body connection, ask questions of yourself that you have avoided, and make new friends in the process. Between the tears and laughter you will walk away feeling refreshed and balanced.

Room Options

There are all types of accommodations depending on the destination that you choose for your retreat. There is Dorm Style housing options where you can enjoy the company of your fellow retreat mates. There are also some locations that offer a night under the stars where you can bring your own tent and supplies and enjoy the camping spots and fresh air. Private rooms are also available where you can get the full comfort with spacious and beautiful accommodations. You can work with a yoga teacher all day and relax in the privacy of your own calming room.

What is Included

While you are enjoying your yoga retreat and the yoga teaching that is offered you will also have all healthy gourmet meals prepared for you. You can dive into your yoga practice during the day and in the evenings sit back and enjoy the group activities that the retreat offers. There may be pools and hot tubs to use or a short walk to a lake or sandy beach. Hiking and horseback riding depending on locations is also a fun treat.

End Result

Baptiste Yoga retreats and this style of yoga will bring you a self-discovery of freedom, individuality and truth. By taking this personal journey you can discover the tools and wisdom that you carry that helps you with your personal transformation. Those that practice Baptiste Yoga on a regular schedule have become empowered to jump those personal hurdles and burdens that come rushing at them. They are able to recognize their inner strengths, hidden emotions, and relationships. This style of yoga and its practice is the door to opening all the hidden treasures you carry in yourself and gives you the power to lead an amazing life.

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