Baptiste Yoga Teacher Training

Baptiste Yoga teacher training offers a yogi in training the opportunity to learn and grow in a perfect atmosphere while deepening their personal yoga practice with other teachers and leaders in the field.

Through different immersion programs a new yoga teacher will receive tools and knowledge to guide them as they dive straight into asanas, meditation, teaching skills and self inquiry. This will give a new yoga teacher all the skills that they need to become the best instructor themselves. Students that finish the programs are known for their fantastic teaching skills, expression and commitment to helping others reach their own transformations and to helping in their communities.

Whether you are a teacher or someone still practicing yoga, the yoga teacher training will give full learning in an environment that you can connect with your true self, find a way to grow and connect with others that are committed to living a balanced life through the methodology of Baptiste Yoga. There are numerous programs that will touch on the different dimensions of living and teaching yoga.


Baron Baptiste began his personal journey with yoga at the age of 12. He grew up around yoga and his parents opened the first yoga studio in San Francisco and were considered by the yoga community to be the American yoga pioneers. He has trained with many famous yogis in the classical styles of yoga. He founded the Baptiste power yoga in the 1980’s. Since he started he has had hundreds of yoga teacher training and boot camps where he teaches individual yoga teachers and followers about his style and idea of yoga.

What is it all about?

Baptiste Yoga is a fast paced and also very physical practice that flows poses together in a sequence in different ways. Baptiste Power Yoga is practiced while you are in a heated room and it takes the different styles of Raja, Iyengar, Ashtanga and Bikram Yoga. For beginner yoga teaching the classes may focus on the posture elements and the exact technique of the pose but most of the yoga practice emphasizes the quick and flowing movement. To be part of the Baptiste Yoga teacher training program you are completely immersed into the practice for a week to ten days. Training programs can be found all over the world.

Baptiste power yoga is a style that is based on intuition instead of tradition. The style focuses more on the practice of movement instead of the connection or body and mind. The style is demanding, although the yoga teacher training is a program that makes the yogi recognizes when to push their bodies and when to rest their bodies. The yoga retreats training sessions will not focus on philosophy, teaching or anatomy instead the training is designed to guide those there to live yoga by incorporating the principles to their daily lives and transforming lives with the people around you.

How to get started

To attend yoga teacher training you have to fill out a detailed application that will include questions about your current and previous personal practice, former training, your experience and the agreement that you will commit yourself completely to the training program. Each application is then reviewed individually and those accepted and enrolled are few because there is limited availability. Baron Baptiste wants to only allow those that are completely committed to his training and ideals so is very selective and looks for the right fit. The yoga teacher training takes familiar poses but at a much quicker pace. Those that enjoy a slower paced yoga with seated poses and more meditation may not enjoy this style of yoga.

Boot camps

Along with the option of yoga teacher training programs, Baron Baptiste also offers Boot camp retreats. This is for the yogi that is interested in learning more about this style but is not interested in becoming a yoga teacher. The retreat is a time where you are involved for a week with healthy eating and yoga practice in exotic destinations. Baron Baptiste refers to these retreats as Boot camps because those that attend must commit their time and accept the rigid structure that the program is designed around. Some of the retreat days may last 12 hours if the atmosphere and mood feels right.


Baptiste Yoga may not be offered at Anamaya Resort but we would like to offer the information to our yoga community for their personal knowledge of what styles are available to you.

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