The Beauty of Chanting: Day 9

“The meditative practice of calling to the divine through call and response chanting creates a bridge between the individual and the eternal, opening the heart and welcoming the spirit. By singing these prayers we unite our voices and join in a stream of consciousness and devotion that has been flowing for centuries.” Janet Stone

IMG_4136Banyan would often start class with a poem from Hafiz. On this particular day things were a little different. We started class chanting. He’d call out first and we would attempt to repeat the sanskrit words. The sweetest thing is that he could hear our little struggles tripping over words and he’d say, “let’s try that again.” The chuckles fell silent eventually, soon turning to our voices echoing through the Anamaya Grounds so beautifully. It was indeed the sound of humble spirits coming together offering our voices:

Om Bhur Buvaha Suvaha
Thath Savithur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi
Dhiyo Yonaha Prachodayath



We contemplate the glory of Light illuminating the three worlds: gross, subtle, and causal.

I am that vivifying power, love, radiant illumination, and divine grace of universal intelligence.

We pray for the divine light to illumine our minds.


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