The benefits of a couples retreat

You hear us talk a lot about all the benefits of escaping with the one you love on a rejuvenating vacation. You also hear us talk a lot about self-care. Did you know that self-care principles can be applied to relationships, too. In fact, dedicating time and energy to nourishing your relationship is an important part of being in a relationship.

Let’s face it: relationships are tough. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, mindlessly follow a routine or get distracted by life’s responsibilities. Suddenly your partner isn’t your number one priority anymore and your relationship falls to the wayside. And when you’re already stressed, frustrated and overwhelmed, it’s difficult to get back into the mindset of putting romance and intimacy first. In fact, you may be so caught up in your own problems it may feel like an extra burden to take on your partner’s as well.

This is where a Couples Retreat can be a relationship-saver. It allows for you and your partner to have time reserved just for the two of you to reconnect and have some fun. It also removes you both from your daily distractions, and places you in a new and inspiring space that will help to rekindle that intimacy. Spending a week away together, creating new memories, and experiencing new adventures will not only do wonders for your relationship but it will do wonders for YOU.

Our Couples Retreat Package brings you to beautiful and sunny Costa Rica, where you and your partner can enjoy a week of epic ocean views, lush nature and some of the best beaches in the world at our top-rated resort. We are committed to creating a sacred and inviting space for couples to escape the real world and spend some much-deserved time reconnecting and focusing on what’s important. Anamaya is the perfect place to experience a rejuvenating vacation, and the Couples Package is perfect for any couple looking to reignite that spark in their relationship.

Our Couples Retreat Package Includes:

  • A 60 minute couples massage
  • Intimate dinner for two under the stars (with a free drink each)
  • 10 Yoga Classes per person
  • A beach sunset excursion
  • Cooking class
  • Dance class
  • Circus Performance
  • And lots of time to lounge by the pool or snuggle up in a hammock

Remember: it’s not your fault if your relationship isn’t thriving at the moment… it happens to the best of us. Just like anything, relationships require dedicated time and energy to keep them feeling fresh and fulfilling. A Couples Retreat is a great way to hit the reset button and give yourselves the time to dive back into all the reasons that brought you and your partner together in the first place. 

Still not convinced? Here are our top benefits for attending a Couples Retreat:

  1. Improves intimacy
  2. Strengthens communication
  3. Creates new memories
  4. Deepens your connection
  5. Reduces tension and stress
  6. Increased quality time together
  7. Ignites passion

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you choose the Couples Retreat Package, you will be attending the week with other guests who may have chosen other package options. Meaning, there won’t ONLY be couples staying at Anamaya.

Have more questions? You can reach out to our team at [email protected] or contact us here to learn more about this retreat package.