Breathing and Grounding Workshops at Anamaya

restorative yoga at Anamaya

Date:  March 7-14, 2015

Workshops:  We have two additional workshops at Anamaya that we’re offering to our guests this week. The first is called So You Think You Can Breathe?, and the second one is called For Feet’s Sake!. Please see below for more information on each workshop.

Price:  Workshops are $20 each.

Workshop Leader Mandy Lawson

mandy lawsonMandy Lawson RYT-200 was born in Canada but found her heart and home in Costa Rica. She lives there blissfully with her rambunctious 2 year old daughter and inspiring husband. While not assisting Anamaya’s future guests in making their vacation dreams come true, Mandy can be found teaching both Kids and Adults yoga classes.

Mandy has always carried a love for yoga on some level, but after her first teacher training at Anamaya in 2010 she was completely hooked. Teaching adults was fulfilling and amazing, but when the opportunity was presented to do a Kids Yoga training with a leading company called Kidding Around Yoga, everything turned on it’s head! Mandy was beyond thrilled to learn the skills necessary to guide both children and adults through fun and engaging yoga classes and workshops.


So You Think You Can Breath? (90 minutes) $20

Back to basics: Many students are taught Pranayama (controlled breathing) techniques before they learn the basics of breath. Yes, we all do it automatically, every single day, however there is much more to it!

By observing your natural and learned breath patterns and learning how breath effects your body on a physiological and energetic level, you will have a much more solid base to begin to learn Pranayama techniques.

We will work together to assess your breathing habits, and practice ways to change things up. The practice of yoga is all about being a little smarter than your habits!

This fun and interactive workshop is intended for any level of yoga practitioner.


For Feet’s Sake! (90 minutes) $20

Our feet are our connection to the earth, but how much credit do we really give them?

This workshop will focus on learning the basic anatomy of the human foot, and how you can create a strong and effective base for both your yoga practice, and every day life.

We will also look at center of gravity and base of support within the human body while practicing yoga. Science can help us practice more effectively!

This fun and interactive workshop is intended for any level of yoga practitioner.​


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