Bring Mind-Body Awareness to the Classroom

Bring Mind-Body Awareness to the ClassroomLooking into a classroom from the hallway the typical scene is going to show a room full of people fidgeting with something on their desk, doodling, or staring at a spot on the wall not paying any attention to the lesson. Of course as soon as it is time to go outside for recess it is like a magic switch has been triggered and the kids have instant energy and focus. Yoga teacher training is starting to identify that if we can add mind-body awareness into the daily routine of children we may have a generation that grows up to be healthier and gives them a stronger ability to focus on school activities.

Schools are leaning on a new approach to bringing yoga fitness into the scheduled day. Whether the kids are practicing yoga during their recess time or during their physical education time yoga certification can show these educators how to help fight obesity and illness in our children. We need to find a way to bring fitness to the child that goes home and plops in front of the television or PlayStation until it is time for bed. Incorporating yoga teaching into the classroom will help children remove stress from their lives and give them better skills.

Practicing Yoga in the Classroom

Yoga teacher training believes that your mental, emotional and physical health is connected to success and life fulfillment. Two keys to a life full of good health are:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-control

When students are taught these two important keys for success they learn how to balance the things around them. Their focus and concentration are stimulated, their creative energy is abundant, and their behavior and personal achievement improves. A yoga teacher can focus on how to bring these key factors into your classroom. You do not have to go on a yoga vacation to learn how to incorporate these skills into your daily routine. Yoga teacher training is available all over. Researching your local area will most likely bring you to at least one location to help you find your instruction.

Involving the Children

Beginning with breathing students can learn to connect and feel the stillness in the room. Bringing this awareness to the students makes them aware of the energy that comes from the silence and the transformation of the room. While incorporating poses to fit the skill and strength of the students they will learn to identify how their muscles, bones, and yoga poses help them surrender to the calm. Yoga teacher training can help you adapt some of the postures to being more kid friendly.

The Benefits

Bringing yoga into the schools is positive in many ways. Yoga teacher training will focus on the benefits. Yoga is a non-competitive activity. There is no outline for the size, age, or physical shape a person should be in before they start practicing. Yoga involves staying in the present. This teaches students how to concentrate and focus on a task. There is little or no cost to practicing yoga. There are no special clothes to buy, no special accessories. As long as you have a flat surface you are ready to start. Yoga helps promote physical health by using your own body as the tool. Your body will begin to tone even though you are not in the weight room. The use of your own body and its weight will help build your strength and flexibility. Yoga is also a strong aid in helping recognize your sense of self and inner awareness. This helps build confidence to the student that may not feel equal to his/her peers. Most importantly yoga bring a sense of inner harmony to all those that practice.

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