Building Relationships with Partner Yoga

building relationships with partner yogaYoga teacher training is taking yoga to a higher level and bringing the benefits of yoga to building a stronger communication bridge in relationships. Whether you get lecture about how you live your life by family members or you are exhausted because your significant other has a tendency to forget important dates, bickering with each other is normal but it would be nice if there was a more constructive way to work through these moments. Partner Yoga is a way to work together and open up that communication barrier that we sometimes tend to build over time.

We have learned through yoga teaching that partner yoga is a new medium for building stronger communication skills and intimacy in any type of relationship. By practicing the postures and flow sequences we are bringing communication into a physical form and it allows for relationship building.

There are different ways to use partner yoga but whether you practice during a rough patch or on a regular routine schedule it will compel partners to put away their differences and work together to achieve a common goal. As partners practice their yoga and are breathing together and are working towards the same pose they find acceptance, unity and trust which brings a more productive practice session to each other. This allows for open and carefree discussion between two people. Yoga teachers are finding that this tool is another way to work through difficult patches even outside of the yoga practice.

During yoga certification you learn that this yoga style also helps strengthen weak bonds between two people, because while on the mat during yoga partners must have complete trust in each other. They must be able to rely on each other to be able to achieve the pose. The process of practicing poses as partners is not about being perfect, but being able to figure out how best to get the most of what you are doing and working together in order to achieve that. It is about connecting and communicating with each other.

Yoga teacher training wants to help you establish stronger relationships with others and yourself. If learning how to communicate better internally and externally helps you achieve that goal then that is what you are going to focus on learning.

Poses to help build communication

There are different poses that help build communication in different relationships. Yoga teacher training will guide you in the right direction with which ones to practice in regard to what relationship you are trying to open communication.

  • Couples-Double Straddle- During this pose you both sit facing each other with legs open in a straddle position while pressing your feet together. You can hold hands or your arms. Make sure the back of your knees are pressing down toward the ground and your spine is straight and lengthened. You can further this pose and stretch by inching closer together. If you are able you can release your hold and grab the back of each other’s legs. This wide legged pose helps couples build on intimacy. The legs and pelvis are open, hearts are facing each other, and you are looking at each other in the eye. This should help increase the sensitivity to yourself and your partner.
  • Parents and Children-Heart Opener- with this pose partner 1 is sitting upright, legs straight out in front. Partner 2 is kneeling with his or her back touching Partner 1. Partner 2 slowly bends forward into Childs pose while Partner 1 slowly exhales and lies gently on Partner 2’s back, keeping their legs together but extended. Partners can stretch their arms out to the sides and hold hands. Partner 2 will gently press Partner 1’s arms towards the floor holding for a minute. Then switch positions and repeat the pose. This pose will bring the child the feeling of being supported and loved as well as being the provider of support and love.
  • Friends-Lifted Cobra- Partner 1 lies on their back while bending knees and lifts feet off the floor while Partner 2 stand in front of Partner 1 and places Partner 1’s feet on their hips. Partner 2 leans forward into their partner’s feet and moves so Partner 1 can hold Partner 2 up. Touch palms with each other. Pressing hands together while being held up by Partner 1, Partner 2 can arch back and come into full lifted Cobra. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat with different positions.
  • Sibling-Double Tree- Standing hip to hip with your feet about 10 inches from your partners, reach your arms around each other’s waists. Slowly lift your outside leg and place your foot against the upper part of your opposite inner thigh. Touch the palm of your free hand to your partners. Hold for 30 seconds and then repeat with other side. This pose develops cooperation and team work. If one does not work as equally as the other the pose will not work. Yoga teacher training explains that with this type of teamwork it will bring harmony to the relationship.

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