Vinyasa Flow & Hang Music with Dagmar Spremberg & Gaudan

Costa Rica Yoga - Photo by Carla Montevecchi

Cultivating Lasting Happiness: Join Dagmar Spremberg & Gaudan on Feb 6 – 13, 2016

Price: Anamaya Retreat Base Rates + $275  (please note that this is the only yoga package being offered this week)

Yoga Hang Music

What makes you truly happy? Can Happiness be found by adding more “stuff” to our lives? Or does real happiness rather feel like inner peace and contentment, those “simple” moments when you are still, watch a sunset, receive a smile from your lover, your child, a stranger?

You can’t make happiness happen like a triangle pose. It’s rather like savasana pose, where you can only create the perfect conditions to invite deep relaxation in.

We invite you to come down and relax. Enjoy yourself, surround yourself with beauty & nature. Take time to observe, enjoy & find yourself, reconnect, share with others…..

Learn to center yourself in the heart and to be comfortable with stillness. Examine your toolbox and how you can integrate them best into your life.

In this retreat we will create the space for you to become more skillful in your yoga, but also in other areas of your life, incl. your breathing, your meditations, your relationships. How can we use our tools to create the perfect conditions for lasting happiness? Nothing is as powerful as sharing a week with like minded people, where we can reflect each other and leave with new inspiration & new skills, feeling empowered and nourished, relaxed and happy.

hangpromo3Music is magic. It beautifully enhances our emotions and brings balance and harmony to our bodies, it also helps us to surrender and soften into the flow of life. The Hang is a very magical instrument, it is handmade in Switzerland and often used for sound healing. In this magical retreat we will enhance your practice with the melodies of the Hang to give you a deeper experience of your self. Mornings will be a more dynamic vinyasa and sunset sessions slow flow with Hang music.

This Package Includes:

  • 10 Yoga Classes: 75 minutes in the morning (without hang music) & 90 minutes in the evening with hang music
  • One 1 hour Relaxation Massage
  • One 1 hour Cooking Class
  • A Tour of Anamaya’s Farm
  • Beach Sunset Excursion
  • Rio Lajas Hike with Daniel
  • Circus Performance

About Dagmar:

Dagmar Spremberg is the founder and director of Montezuma Yoga in Costa Rica. While growing up in Germany all she could envision for herself was a life in the sunshine and under palm trees. After 20 years of soul searching and many detours that let her explore city life in Los Angeles and New York, she found her dream life by the beach in the lush & tropical nature of Costa Rica . Through her own experience she believes that everybody can live their dreams and that our work is to become clear and open to receive the gifts we all deserve.

Dagmar is a 500hr E-RYT and has trained for over 13 years with renowned teachers like Elena Brower, John Friend, Rod  Stryker and Paula Tursi. In addition to her yoga certification she also received training as a Holistic Heath coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York.

In her yoga classes she emphasizes on softening and deepening of the breath as the key to unlock your potential and your intuition that will lead you to live the life of your dreams. What she has learned from living in nature is that we have all lost the deeper connection to source and that it is very important to return to nature to find stillness and to re-connect to our hearts and inner voices to live our life to the fullest.

When not in her home in Montezuma, Dagmar travels with her life partner Gaudan to teach vinyasa flow & hang music classes and retreats, that will guide you to get back into your flow and to celebrate stillness.

About Gaudan:

Gaudan is a well known creator of beauty in many forms: from paintings to sculptures to buildings. His music is a magical addition to Dagmar’s teaching and his love for nature and life will add some additional sparks to your whole experience this week.

The following is a music video that goes with one of the songs on his latest album.

“The Gaudan Project is BRILLIANT!… will love this!” – Elena Brower, Virayoga NYC


Additional Videos:

Vinyasa yoga & hang

Hang Music for Savasana


I loved the setting, the sounds of the animals, ocean, Dagmar’s gentle and trusting voice, and how comfortable I felt inside my own body. The evening classes with Daniel playing the hang, again brought me into a deeper state of relaxation and much deeper into my practice. It all was so dreamy. Before I came to do this week course with Daniel and Dagmar; I felt uninspired, tired, confused, exhausted mentally, bored, lost and a bit out of control in my mind. The week helped bring me into my body and out of my mind, feel energetic and inspired about life and myself, be comfortable with my energetic self, much more focused about my path and practice, and much more into the precious present moment. Mil gracias por todo! Les agradezco mucho y aprecio mucho todo. I am so happy and thankful that Dagmar and Daniel are a part of the web of life; you both are truly making a difference in the vibration of the planet and have made an impact in my heart! Until we meet again!” –  Mary Ann, Chile

Thank you so much Dagmar and Daniel for your special yoga classes during the retreat. I loved the hang music as it helped me to relax into the postures and Dagmar the yoga postures were so smooth ,flowing, challenging yet strengthening and relaxing and gentle as well. You both helped me feel stronger and more centered in myself. As I re enter the world tomorrow in NY I hope to use the tools you gave me to flow through life with more grace, ease, and internal strength. Please keep me posted on your future retreats. Namaste.” – Barbara Gordon, D.O.

“From the moment I was welcomed at the resort to my departure the whole trip was exceptional. As a guy who hasn’t done a lot of yoga and who is not in great shape I was worried that this would be a little to serious about the yoga, and the small size might be too intimate with the other guests. Turns out I was wrong. Not only is the location quite extraordinary, but the yoga with Dagmar was wonderful and accommodating of a crowbar like me. The other guests were lovely and it was as interactive as I wanted to be. The food was some of the best that I have had anywhere at any restaurant, and the surf training, beach trip and jungle hike were lovely punctuations of my trip. One of the most relaxing vacations I have ever been on even with 3 hours of yoga a day. Extraordinary.” – Chris Floden, Canada

“The week at Anamaya with Dagmar and Daniel was truly inspiring, I can honestly say it has changed the way I live my life in London. I had one of the best weeks of my life, I learnt so much, grew as a person and met some wonderful people. Dagmar is so genuine and generous in her knowledge and I feel very lucky to have spent the week as her pupil”- Jenny Fraenzel, London

“I attended a one week yoga retreat with Dagmar. It was everything I imagined….and so much more! Dagmar’s style of yoga is gentle and yet challenged me to deepen with every breath. Her beautiful soul inspired me the entire week. She was so open and happy to answer all of my questions and I was so honoured to be given a mantra….the same mantra that was given to her years ago by one of her teachers. Dagmar’s voice is so calming and encouraging. Each class lead me to tears as I loved it so much. A highlight of the retreat was hearing Daniel play the hang drum during the evening candlelight yoga class. The vibrations moved through my body as my body moved through the poses. It was powerful. Dagmar and Daniel made this a wonderful life experience that I will never forget. I’m so grateful for my time with them. Thank you for being so open and authentic. I know we will meet again.” – Stephanie Amodio


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