Phew…First Day Off


Can this place get anymore rad!?!? Anamaya already has a list of adventures for us to sign up for on our day off. Horseback Riding, Boat Rides, Spanish or Cooking Lessons and much more. The best part is they still offer us yoga class and serve us yummy food all day if we decide to hang out at home. We all made our plans the night before. Some of us went to the waterfall or to the beach, some went into town to hang with the locals, some decided to just enjoy our Anamaya home while it was nice and quiet.  All of the girlies took lots of great pictures of their adventures. Of course we have to strike a pose or two off of the mat. It was a long and much needed day to roam freely in beautiful Costa Rica. No matter what we chose to do for the day, most of us had already made up our  minds that we HAD to be back for dinner. We all knew it would be well worth it. Feast your eyes on this yumminess!!


Peace, Love & Light


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