Coconut Milk in your Coffee?

You just might be a convert by the time you get back home.

Coffee with Coconut MIlk

Coconut milk in your coffee?

Lactose intolerant, vegans, Paleos and other health conscious people have eschewed the use of dairy products in their diets.  There is evidence that dairy is not great for your health whether you have an intolerance to lactose or not.   Dr. Mark Hyman, MD speaks to this further in his article in the Huffington Post. Perhaps you agree, or maybe not, but either way, trying something different for a week, or even a month won’t hurt!

Here at Anamaya we seriously limit the amount of dairy products that we use for various reasons. But this doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy your nice hot cup of organic Costa Rican coffee in the mornings during your retreat or Yoga Teacher Training.

For those of you who like the rich and creamy addition to your cup of joe, please don’t fret! We have a tropical solution that just might change the way you experience your daily ritual.  Every morning, you will find the coveted little glass jar full of coconut milk at the coffee station.  Don’t be shy, introduce yourself.  Give it a try.

We have seen our guests turn up their noses to the idea of change, demanding cream or at the very least regular milk, but to no avail.  We really want to please you, to help you have an amazing visit with us, but we implore you, just try it! You might like it! The yoga teacher in me also wants to bring up the idea that being stuck in your ways, resistant to change or at least experimenting with something out of the ordinary may create stagnation in your life.  You came to Anamaya for a reason, maybe you are looking for a change in your life? It all starts with one small step… coconut milk.  All jokes aside, you really should go for it!

Coconut milk is absolutely delicious along with a spoonful of organic tapa dulce which is  more natural and less processed then regular sugar, or all on it’s own.  The creamy texture and tropical flavor enhance the taste of an already amazing cup of locally grown coffee.

Health Benefits of Coffee Anamaya Style

Not only is coconut milk an animal friendly and DELICIOUS alternative to milk or cream, it is a very healthy alternative as well.

Coconut milk is choc full of vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5, and B6 as well as iron, selenium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.  It is also a great source of the healthy fats that every body needs. Coconut milk also provides you with much needed electrolytes that you might be lacking due to the higher temperatures here in paradise.

Not that you’ll need to calm your nerves too much while you are here on vacation, but the magnesium in coconut milk is also an excellent way to calm jitters and ease anxiety.

Additional Coffee Tips

Maybe you are inspired to try this at home before you join us here in Montezuma, here are some tips:

  • Stir or shake well before using
  • Do not store in the tin if you are using canned coconut milk (a glass jar or container works great)
  • Try it in a coffee smoothie or iced coffee on a hot day


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