Confessions of a U.S. Food Industry Executive

How processed food is made in the United States

How processed food is made in the United States

Every so often, we find real heroes who question authority and tradition, giving up positions of power and influence to walk down a new path that benefits society.

One of those is Bruce Bradley, who worked for many years for such corporations as Nabisco, General Mills, and has now started his own blog to help spread the truth about what the criminals (in my mind) who produce food for the ignorant and unsuspecting masses (meaning most of us):

Bruce Bradley’s Blog about Food Processing and Nutrition

Americans LOVE stories of redemption. We are very quick to forgive those who honestly repent their sins and vow to change our ways, and we’re hungry for leaders who dedicate their brilliance towards universal good rather than personal wealth.

An excerpt from the current article written October 30th, about ingredients that nearly all of us are eating without knowing it, such as ground up bugs (used as dye), human hair, etc:

Beaver Anal Glands: This bitter, very smelly, orange-brown substance is also known as castoreum. In nature it’s combined with the beaver’s urine and used to mark its territory. In the processed food world it’s commonly used in both food and beverages, typically as vanilla or raspberry flavoring. Watch out though, you won’t find it on the ingredient list since processed food manufacturers can legally call it “natural flavoring.”

So the next time you think you’re eating “Lucky Charms”, remember that you may actually eating beaver ass.

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