Costa Rica 200 Hour 1 month Immersion Yoga Teacher Training with Jackie Chiodo

Jacqueline Chiodo YTT at Anamaya


Day 1:
History of Yoga: origin/ influence/ east to west
Classic Yoga Paths
Modern Yoga systems

Yoga Philosophy: Introduction
Surya Namaskar A/B Classic/ Modifications
Anatomy of Breath
Vinyasa: linking breath with movement

Day 3:
Practice teach Sun Salutations: Breath Call
General Principles of alignment
Anatomy of foot: 3 arches/ foundational work
Principles of Alignment in sun salutation: Tadasana/ Uttanasana/
Chataranga/ Urdhva Mukha Svanasana/ Adho Mukha Svanasana: learn
Sanskrit and English definitions of each asana during practical segments

Day 4
Anatomy of Breath part 2; types of breathing patterns/ partner observation
Pranayama: Ujayii. Nadi Shodhanam. Bhastrika. Kapalabhati
Primary and secondary breathing muscles and effect on nervous system
Hands on assists and adjustments for sun salutation asanas
Practice teach

Day 5
Introduction to Patanjali Yoga Sutras: 8 limbs of Yoga
Yamas and Niyamas: principles for right living

Round Infinity Edge Swimming Pool

Day 6
Introduction to Ayurveda: 3 doshas/ qualities of each
How does Ayurveda connect to personal asana practice/lifestyle routines

Day 7
Standing poses Practical: learn the poses/ practice on each other/ assisting/
modifications/ alignment and anatomy of each asana

Day 8
Hip opening poses practical
Introduction to Chakra System

Day 9
Mantra/ chanting/ kirtan/ nada yoga

Day 10
Forward Bend Practical

Day 11
Yin Yoga Practice and theory

Day 12
Restorative yoga practical

Day 13
Yoga Philosophy of creation

Day 14
Midterm Review

Day 15
Midterm/ practice teach and written test

Day 16
Presence and theme for a class

Day 17
Myths of the asanas; history behind the asanas
Practice teach

Day 18
Bhagavad Gita: story/ message

Day 19
Yoga Nidra/ guided relaxation
Methods of meditation

Day 20:
Arm Balance Practical

Day 21
Inversions practical

Day 22:
Special needs class: pregnancy/ senior/ chair/ medical conditions/

Day 23:
Twists/ backbends practical

Day 24:
The business of yoga, marketing, ethics

Final exam: written exam and teach a 1 hour class… this will take place during the last week of the program, students will be practice teaching and building sequences throughout the training so they are prepared for the final. Reading assignments will be given before the training begins and will be emailed to students in April, as preparation for the course in June.

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