Couples Retreats


Want to escape the hustle and bustle and spend some dedicated time with your partner in paradise? Are you stuck in a rut and find yourselves doing the same thing each weekend? Would you like to leave the kids at home and enjoy a vacation where you and your partner can reconnect? Then maybe it’s time to peel yourself away from the mundane, take action and start looking for a new and exciting way to spend some time with your partner.

Relax, Explore & Strengthen Your Connection

At Anamaya it is our mission to create a space that allows people to connect with themselves, connect with nature, and connect with others. Our lives are so hectic that we rarely take the time to slow down and truly connect to our partners – allow Anamaya to give you the space to do just that. Enjoy one of our unique cabinas that over look an epic ocean view, explore Costa Rica and everything it has to offer, balance your mind, body & spirit while practicing yoga and gazing out towards the ocean…it’s paradise here!

The Couples Retreat Package Includes:

  • A 60 minute couples massage
  • Intimate dinner for two under the stars
  • 10 Yoga Classes per person
  • A beach excursion to Playa Hermosa
  • Cooking demo
  • Dance class
  • Circus Performance
  • And lots of time to lounge by the pool or snuggle up in a hammock

***PLEASE NOTE: This Couples Retreat package is for couples who would like to choose this option but it is not mandatory for couples. There will be other guests staying at Anamaya that are not couples, and as a couple if you would each like to choose your own separate package you can. For example one of you might like to choose the Soul Surfing package, and the other the Yoga and Adventure. We’ve created this package as a special option for our couples who would like something a bit more special and catered to couples (and it includes the couples massage and the intimate dinner under the stars).

The price of our Couples Retreat package is $265 per person for the week (plus your base rate). Our base rates cover 7 nights of accommodations and 3 healthy meals per day. Our retreats are a full 7-day experience, which is always Saturday – Saturday. Please click here to see our Base Rates.


Top Benefits of a Couples Retreat

  1. Improves your intimacy
  2. Strengthens communication
  3. Creates new memories
  4. Deepens your connection
  5. Reduces tension and stress levels
  6. You spend quality time together
  7. Ignites your passion


We recommend Double Occupancy for our couples for obvious reasons. Most of our guest rooms have unbelievable ocean views, and each are uniquely designed and built with environmentally friendly building practices. Our guests also enjoy organic linens.

Bali Cabina Costa Rica

Choose one of our beautiful double-occupancy cabinas such as the Ganesh Cabina, the amazing Ananda Cabina, Prana CabinaLotus CabinaJungle Cabina, or Bali Cabina, each with amazing views and private bathroom. These rooms are ideal for couples. For more information on prices please see our Base Rates which are added to the cost of your retreat package.

Partner Yoga Sequence

When you return home from your yoga retreat at Anamaya you can practice this sequence for fun with your partner.

  1. Begin with one partner in Child’s Pose
  2. The active partner will stand between the resting partners outstretched arms and the resting partner will take a firm hold of the active partners ankles
  3. Active partner leans forward and walks slowly hands down the resting partners back until you come to an upward dog-like position with your hands resting on the lower lumbar area of the back.
  4. The active partner will then move their weight forward into their hands to provide the resting partner a deep low back release
  5. The active partner shifts their weight back into their heels while relaxing their body and releasing into the pressure
  6. Now switch positions and repeat

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