Creative Arts Workshop

Kara Sparman

Art, Nature, and Your Creative Mind: Enhancing your creative process through visual arts.

DATES:  February 14 – 21, 2015

PRICES:  $225 per person for the 6 day creative arts workshop. Or, two of the classes during the week are available to guests not participating in the entire workshop. Those classes will be $40 per class. All materials included. This price does not include your base rates, any yoga package, or any other workshop.

This six day visual arts workshop combines painting, drawing, and mixed media art instruction with a focus on enhancing your overall creative process. Each class is 2 hours. An Anamaya yoga retreat is the perfect setting to suspend the ego and engage in creating visual art. The natural world of Costa Rica and the daily practice of yoga allows for an opening and an expansion that facilitates an immersion into the world of art and creative thinking. Art instructor Kara Sparkman and yoga instructor Silvia Eriksson have created daily themes that extend from the yoga asana into the visual arts workshops for a cohesive and holistic retreat. This workshop will teach a range of two dimensional painting and drawing techniques in a format that engages multiple aspects of your creative mind. All skill levels are appropriate! Whether you have an established practice in a specific art medium, or you haven’t picked up a paintbrush in 30 years, this workshop can be for you.

Kara Sparkman Painting  sloth-jellyWEB


Workshop Leader Kara Sparkman

Kara Sparkman

Kara is rarely without India ink pens, paper, and long list of ideas/sketches waiting to be rendered into finished paintings. She has a background in fine arts, art therapy counseling, wilderness therapy, and surf coaching. Kara holds the belief that everyone is inherently creative and has the capacity to harness and enhance this creativity. Her interest in the science of neuroplasticity, as well current research in the psychology of creativity, informs her approach in teaching visual arts. She teaches and creates art with a sense of play and curiosity. Kara finds creative expression in drawing, teaching, and surfing. For more information on Kara visit her website: 

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