A Yogi is A Yogi: Day 15


10418292_10202849331331617_272458640945340013_nMost of the world spends all of its time standing, walking and sitting.  Ever stop to think what it would feel like to reverse the flow of gravity and energy?  Today we broke down Salamba Sirsasana (Supported Headstand) It was a lot of fun. Our little yoginis are all different levels. Banyan taught us that just because we could get into a headstand with ease doesn’t makes us any more of a yogi than our sister next to us who may have a fear of falling. We encouraged and helped one another build the confidence  while learning. Such a great combination.

Peace, Love & Balance.


  1. Reduces anxiety and stress and enhances self-confidence
  2. Promotes heart relaxation by directing blood to the brain, allowing gravity to do the magic
  3. Heats and cleanses the body
  4. Very stimulating and revitalizing
  5. Stimulates the nervous system, increasing mental power, concentration, clarity, and balance
  6. Feels centering, calming and soothing
  7. Helps recovery from loss of sleep and memory
  8. Fortifies the spine, neck, shoulders and arms
  9. Tones the abdomen, legs, and the neck muscles
  10. Stimulates lung tissue, relieving colds, coughs, tonsillitis, bad breath and palpitations
  11. Cleanses and massages the internal organs
  12. Reduces muscular strain and stress
  13. Boosts metabolism and alleviates IBS and other digestive concerns
  14. Directs blood flow to the face, providing an organic facelift and facial (A free, self-administered facial? Sign me up!)
  15. Dissolves stress, sadness, depression, and lethargy due to pituitary stimulation – the endorphin, “happy hormone” releasing gland
  16. Encourages a sense of lightness and ease
  17. Gives you a fun party trick to show off!
  18. Offers anti-aging perks (some say it prevents grey hair and may even reverse grey hair!)         Yogavibes.com                                                                                                               Peace and Love

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