One on One: Day 21


Teaching a private yoga session is such a different phenomenon than teaching a class. From as students perspective, you get the opportunity to tell your teacher you personal goals, injuries and concerns. Most of us had mixed feelings about teaching private sessions. On one hand it could be less nerve wrecking because there are less yogis to watch closely, but on the other hand one on one means all of the focus is on you. In a class setting yogis can lose focus or just kind of go into auto mode, but private sessions bring full focus on the teachers cues and movements if they are demonstrating. A few brave souls went in to town and found their first yoga client, others taught Anamaya staff or a fellow yogi. It has been a lot of fun to hear about everyone’s experiences. It was a huge challenge for a lot of us, but we know that in the end it will help us feel a little more comfortable when we head back to the real world.

Peace, Love and A Healthy Challenge

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