Golgi What?- Day 3 of Anamaya May 2014 YTT

We haven’t even come close to getting into our groove yet. We are all still finding our way around our new space and all of these new people. Morning practice was a little more intense than some of us may have anticipated but certainly a beautiful challenge. Somehow the kitchen managed to blow our minds again with a beautiful meal. Time fell off of the clock until we got to class and the inevitable happened; the anatomy discussion began. Banyan assigned a wonderful list of books to read in preparation for class. Some of us girls found time in our busy lives to read all of the books and of course… some didn’t. The Key Poses of Yoga! I don’t think any of us will ever forget it. Banyan was very gentle in his approach to break down the biomechanics and physiology of yoga. We have a classroom full of intelligent yogis, but we are all humbly listened and learned new things. Today class made us all realize we’ve only scratched the surface. We followed along as best we could with good questions and lots of jokes. The best part… We got to meet and come up with a clever name for our new best friend. Meet JORGE



We all have a new appreciation for how amazing the body really is. By the end of the day some of our brains were fried and the question arose, “Hmmmmm…. what have I gotten myself into?”

Peace Love & Light!

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