Embracing the Paradox

Megan Panchinchin is a Yoga Teacher in Costa Rica
Throughout my years of yogic study, I have found that the practice beckons our natural human desire to figure things out and also want more! At the same time it places speed bumps and pot holes along the way, to slow down the process.

You have been invited to the party!

We are magnificent beings and life is definitely something to explore and also savor. The same way you would sip a beautiful wine, of course appreciate the vineyard, the vintage, the varietal, but not waste a lovely dinner with your friends trying to figure out the exact mineral content the grapes contained….just be thankful that you have been invited to the party, enjoy the conversation and the good company!

The gift of life!

The paradoxical expression of the universe has been something I have tried to define and determine for quite some time now…and it always ends up being both! Two contrary compliments, framing and forming the boundaries that allow us to experience the gift of life.

Consciousness and the emanating power of consciousness!

The universe expresses itself as consciousness and the emanating power of consciousness, as Shiva and Shakti , as nature and culture and as Kali and Sri. It expresses itself as day and night sun and moon and as earth and sky.

Karma and Lila!

It also plays games, Karma a game of cause and effect and also Lila, a game of myth and play. Very much like the strategic game of chess paralleled with the children’s game of luck and chance we call chutes and ladders!

Entropy…order to chaos!

As soon as we think we have all of the pieces in place, everything in proper alignment…it breaks itself apart again….entropy…order to chaos! So instead of trying to figure it out, I have decided to revel in it’s magic, to watch in wonder and to experience this extraordinary embodiment with a grateful heart and an open receptive mind.

Anamaya kosha!

Our bodies are the vehicles, the conduits, the channels that bridge the gap between these polarities. Aligning our physical bodies through the practice of yoga we begin to access Anamaya kosha, one of the five sheaths, or layers to the body. This alignment allows for a better connection and more optimal energy flow.

And now we begin the process of yoga…..!!!!!

Megan Panchinin is now teaching the yoga she loves on her favorite beaches in Costa Rica. She loves to share her knowledge as a guest blogger for Anamaya resort as well as through her blog www.solalunayoga.com and yoga YouTube channel where she offers free information relating to yoga, nutrition, philosophy and more!

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