Exploring Costa Rica- Day 12



Another day off and may it be noted that time is flying. We are nearly halfway through YTT. Anamaya has been such a delight. Of course it helps that we are in the Southern Region of  the Nicoya Peninsula. The course with Banyan has been amazing, the grounds of Anamaya nurtures all of our purpose to learn and nurture our inner yogis, but by the time our day off comes WE ARE READY!! We’ve all found it a little difficult to find balance between studying, practicing and exploring this beautiful place we’re all so blessed to be getting certified in.

By this time, of course we’ve found our little yogi groups within our sisterhood. We all love each other very much, but naturally yogis gravitate toward one another whether it is because of age, interests or personality. Today some of us stayed on the amazing grounds of Anamaya to get the retreat experience without  our normal hustle and bustle. Another small group decided to go on an adventure that words can never explain. Here’s the attempt:

From Van to Ferry to Van. We traveled for quite some time but boy was it worth the while. Rio Celeste is situated within the Tenorio Volcano National Park. The hour hike through the rainforest to the river was breathtaking. Our guide carefully led us through the vibrant spread of land, telling us about the history and  stopping to show us all of the beautiful creatures and plants along the way.  He told us Indians would say, “When God painted the sky he cleaned his brush in this river.”

It was hard not to stop every other step; so much life, so much green. The river was like nothing we’d ever seen before, the volcanos were so beautiful and the waterfall… at a lost for words. We traveled to another part of rainforest to swim, went to a wonderful home to eat the traditional Costa Rican way and back to the Anamaya we floated; our home sweet home.


Peace, Love and Light.

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