“Farm To Table”: Anamaya’s CookBook

Anamaya Cookbook

Anamaya’s long awaited cookbook is almost complete! For years our guests have repeatedly urged Anamaya Resort to create a cookbook that will enable them to prepare the same wonderful food at home that they experienced during their stay at their retreat. The wonderful culinary experience each and every one of our guests knows only too well.  Using easily available ingredients from the farm, Rancho Delicioso, and simple yet creative cooking procedures from our vastly talented chefs, the cookbook is palatable to both novices and seasoned chefs. Blending macrobiotic Costa Rican traditions with sustainable vegetarian cuisine by using little dairy, gluten and sugar. Our food is prepared to energize all our guests while leaving them calmly centered. We at Anamaya believe food should enhance the flow of spirit that adds light and  being to our lives. Offering nutritional and attitudinal affirmations for radiant health and well-being.

intro3Every meal plating is an artistic example of what Anamaya represents. Not only are your senses delighted, but nourished with a perfect balance of nutritional ingredients. Balancing through color is one of our magical ingredients. You don’t have to be a foodie to appreciate all the love that is produced in each and every one of our meals at Anamaya.

On each Anamayan retreat our guests are offered the chance to tour our farm, Rancho Delicioso, to see first hand how the vegetables grow and the animals are kept; bringing about the beautiful nourishing meals we serve.  At Anamaya our guiding principle flows us from the yoga mats to our dining tables, creating a nourishing atmosphere that turns good food into great food.  “Farm to Table” focuses on vegetarian cooking, featuring a blend of ingredients anyone would enjoy. From refreshing fruit bowls to salads with tangy dressings, vegetarian entrees with sauces, delicious gluten free breads, and tasty sugar free desserts…all providing ideas for great entertaining.

patakones“Farm to Table” is not just a cookbook, but an extension of the Anamaya experience. This book is filled with wonderful tips about yoga, happiness, beauty, peace, adventure, health, pura VIDA, as well as cooking. What inspires us most is to make every single recipe in this book a chance to relive all that Anamaya offered you by drawing you in through the beautiful photographs and keeping your memories alive with every delicious bite.  If you haven’t had a chance to visit Anamaya, you’ll certainly enjoy it through “Farm to Table”.  We guarantee after sampling some of these delicious recipes you’ll soon be booking your next retreat to Anamaya Resort.

The cookbook will be 200+ pages, high quality printed in full color and we expect it to be between $30 and $50. Please use the form below if you would like to be notified when it’s ready for purchase.

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