Find Your Balance-Start Yoga

Find Your Balance-Start YogaSome people look at yoga and do not think that they are the right “fit” for yoga. I am here to tell you that is not correct and if you can breathe then you can do yoga. Yoga teacher training looks at all shapes, sizes and ages while they are completing their training.  When you practice yoga you are connecting your mind, breath, and body together and anyone can enjoy the benefits that it has to offer. There are other avenues to branch off to such as meditation, chant and ritual which ties us to the outside world and each other. Stop making excuses and go try yoga and bring balance back into your life.

If you are new to yoga and are younger and more athletic then you can find a yoga teacher that is more form and fitness directed. For those of you that are older and looking for a lower impact and therapeutic form focusing on breath and poses that is also available. There are enough types of yoga that no matter how you look or the level of your physical activity you can succeed.

How to Begin?

Anyone can practice yoga-even if you are a couch potato or a strong athlete, young or old. Your fitness level or size does not influence your yoga abilities. Each yoga pose has modifications that make it possible for anyone to do. The first thing that you need to do is find an instructor with yoga certification and class that meets what your expectations are for yourself. Some forms of classes will have chairs that the students sit in to practice yoga while others are on mats and never leave the floor. Some classes are high impact that will challenge the most physically fit. Yoga does have something for everyone. Yoga is not something that should hurt you as you are working your poses. If something is hurting you stop and think about how to add a modification to the pose to avoid causing pain and sometimes injury.

Find a Yoga Get-Away

If you are thinking of taking a trip somewhere and want to look for something new to experience there are many yoga vacations available. These retreats are focused on helping you relax and find balance in your life. You can go for yoga teacher training or just go to be the student. Learning how to achieve balance and the yoga poses so that when you go back home you are prepared to continue your journey on your own.

Yoga teacher training will show you different types of yoga that meets what your body can do. As you practice your poses and your strength and flexibility increases you may wish to go back to an instructor and learn some more challenging yoga ideas. You will be surprised to find how quickly you overlap your yoga practice technique into your other daily routines. It may help you be more focused and less stressed.

No High Cost

Yoga does not require you to go out and buy a new fitness wardrobe, special equipment or have any special skill. You do not even have to go join a gym because you can practice yoga at home, outside or at work. Once you have the basic poses down you can practice yoga anywhere. Put that intimidation in your pocket and go for it! Yoga teaching is very easy to follow.  Most classes are taught in a dance studio type of room and there are other people to follow along with the instructor until you learn the names for the poses.

With yoga teacher training you will learn that no matter you body type, age, fitness level or personal goals, yoga is a strong tool that anyone can incorporate into their routine. You may not be able to do the perfect pose without a lot of effort and time but if you do not start to push towards a goal it will not be found.

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