Forrest Yoga Benefits

Forrest Yoga BenefitsForrest Yoga was created by Ana Forrest who believed that we store our emotional baggage in our bodies. To rid ourselves of this baggage we need to be able to locate the emotional trauma that caused it and release it. Yoga teacher training will guide you through how to use your yoga skills to rid yourself of damaging emotional baggage that makes us feel weak and down.

Forrest Yoga is a great style of yoga that helps us build flexible and stronger bodies while connecting to our authentic self. The creator of this style suffered a lot of personal emotional trauma in her life and it is through her yoga that she found peace and healing. She wanted to be able to share that yoga teaching and become a better healer. Forrest Yoga takes the yogi and guides them to explore the truth and their health.

Some basic benefits

Forrest yoga combines many Native American elements and uses them as therapy by sweating out toxins in the body. The yoga poses are intense and focuses on abdominal exercises and breathing techniques. There is a huge connection to the yoga teaching of physical and emotional benefits such as stress relief, flexibility, emotional healing, toning of your muscles and detoxing your body.

Stress Relief Benefit

With this style of yoga, yoga teacher training takes breathing techniques and makes them part of the routine helping to release stress. Through the studies of this style your yoga teacher will address compassion and self-acceptance so that you can accept who you are and connect to your true self. Forrest Yoga uses the deep breathing techniques in a sequence of repetitions which create heat in your body. This heat will cause you to sweat out all the toxins that are hiding in your body and letting the negative emotions go too.

Emotional Healing and Your Well-being

Forrest yoga tries to bring a sense of healing to anyone practicing by giving them the tools they need to identify within themselves the things that may be hiding. Being able to understand your feelings gives you the necessary tools to find a way to reach a healthy solution for any emotional pain you could be suffering from. This style of yoga teaching can bring some relief to those that are dealing with any sort of depression or anxiety.

Muscular Tension Relief

While practicing Forrest Yoga and the poses you may find that it is similar to other styles of yoga except that with this practice you take the traditional poses and hold them for longer periods of time. This will help increase the oxygen that moves through all the cells in your body. Yoga certification will go over which poses to use and what positions and the amount of repetitions. You may find that with this practice you will have more relief with neck and back pain due to the amount of stretching with this style.

Build up Core Muscles

Forrest Yoga also likes to incorporate a lot of dance and acrobatic moves into the routine which is an energetic type of exercise that uses all your core muscles. The style likes to do repetitious moves using different positions which build up a heat inside the body. You are not only making your body stronger but you are also increasing the flexibility in your joints, ligaments and tendons. Your muscles are getting toned during your yoga teaching and you are gaining strength and losing body fat.


Forrest Yoga brings deep breathing exercises into the routine with repetition which also helps to build the heat inside the body. Building up this heat makes your body sweat and release all the toxins that have been stored in your body. By gently stretching your muscles you are increasing the blood supply that is flowing throughout your body also helping rid those toxins out of your system. Getting rid of those toxins has been shown to slow down your aging and to bring a sense of rejuvenation to your body.

Forrest Yoga which was designed by Ana Forrest is not just another way to add exercise into your day. This type of yoga will address the mental and emotional areas you may be avoiding. It will also connect you to a spiritual aspect of your life. Give it the time and look for a location that offers yoga teacher training to ensure that you have the best experience possible. Anamaya Resort may not provide this style but wants to make sure that the yoga community is aware of all styles and their benefits.

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