Forrest Yoga

At the Anamaya Resort our goal is to bring awareness to the strength of yoga and all it has to offer. Even though we may not offer this style of yoga or yoga teacher training for it, we want those who look to us for information to have all that is offered.

Forrest Yoga was the personal creation of yoga teacher Ana Forrest who resides on the west coast. She is known for her acrobat-dance style yoga practice. Ana Forrest reached inside herself and used her personal struggle with abuse, alcoholism, epilepsy and bulimia to create a physical vinyasa type of practice that focuses on healing inner wounds. Through her yoga teaching, Ana ties in Native American healing which she encourages her students to accept and dive deep inside and use their yoga practice as their personal therapy. This style focuses on breathing and abdominal work while practicing intense sequences of poses that will help create heat within the body that allows you to sweat and release toxins from the body.

Ana likes to bring her yoga teacher training to teachers so that they connect with whom they truly are, so that then they can turn that around and teach from that inner point and heart connection. The result of this yoga teaching style is that all her students walk away as yoga teachers that have become healers in their own way and who are teaching the values and strength of Forrest Yoga using their own ideals.

Is Forrest Yoga the Style for You?

Forrest Yoga is the type of yoga that will attract people that want to find a physical and emotional connection to their practice. Forrest Yoga connects the yoga practice to healing and how to bring your yoga practice into your daily life routine.

4 Pillars

Forrest Yoga is based on four pillars which are Breath, Strength, Integrity and Spirit. It does not require you to have exceptional strength or flexibility. The only requirement is that you are willing to learn how to feel genuinely and react to that feeling honestly.


Forrest yoga focuses on your breathing and that you connect with what your body is telling you. You should be using the power of your breathing to bring energy and awareness into each cell of your body and to make you feel alive.


Forrest Yoga wants you to be able to connect to your core and be strong and centered. Through practicing the intense pose sequences in this style you should be able to develop the ability to connect and awaken each of your senses. Holding the poses longer allows for you to go deeper into the pose. Your body will create heat which will in turn release toxins in your body while the breathing brings fresh oxygen throughout your body.


Forrest Yoga teaches you to be able to recognize how to modify each pose so that it brings you the most benefit especially if you are suffering from emotional or physical injuries. By learning to recognize your limits you can develop the skills to deal with those blocks and work through them. This allows for integrity, curiosity and integrity to become part of your daily life.


Forrest Yoga wants you to connect within and find a sense of freedom. Once you can hear that inner voice and find your inner awareness you can find your Spirit and will be able to move forward in life.

Forrest Yoga and the ideals behind it is an excellent piece to add to your yoga certification. It helps prepare you to teach yoga and adds to the depth of your personal journey of growth and development. The emotional work you will experience while practicing Forrest yoga can open new doors for you.

Whether you are looking to begin yoga teacher training or just want to experience a type of yoga vacation Forrest Yoga is one style that will open up the doors within you and have you work through any troubles that stand in your path. Learning how to recognize these things that drain us of energy and positivity is a benefit in itself.

This article explains the style of Forrest Yoga and its creator Ana Forrest. For more information on where to learn more about his exciting style or to find teacher training locations look at her website

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