We are so thankful for you

When we first opened our doors to the public in 2009, co-owners Geoff McCabe, Kelsey Matheson and Joseph Mikrut had a vision of a magical and sacred space that would bring healing and transformation to all who visited. That vision still holds strong today but none of them could have ever imagined the amount of magic that grew and infused itself into the resort. Surrounded by lush rainforest, stunning ocean views, thoughtfully and sustainably-designed cabinas and a team of people with the biggest hearts, Anamaya has blossomed into a refreshing getaway for anyone looking to recharge, transform their lives or find inspiration.

We couldn’t have done it without each and every one of our guests. From the continuous love and support we’ve received as we’ve grown, changed and transformed over the years, to the beautiful energy each guest brings with them when they visit. From the laughter that fills the main house at dinner, the deep breaths taken together on the yoga deck, the wonder-filled hikes to our backyard waterfall, to the love notes written to our Anamaya family, donations made to the Montezuma community, and the little touches of love left behind for the next retreat group; thank you. We are so grateful for YOU.

Gratitude has always been a tool we’ve used to remain open, humble and loving. It feels SO good to say thank you! If you are new to a gratitude practice or are looking for ways to feel more grateful in your life, here are some of our top tips to building your own gratitude practice…

  1. Start each day listing at least 3 things you’re grateful for. Big or small, they’re equally important. Starting your morning with gratitude is the best way to set the tone for your day and invite more good things to flow.
  2. When presented with a challenge think of one way you can feel grateful for it. Suffering from a bad cold? Think of it as your body encouraging you to slow down and practice some self-care. Be grateful for a reason to go to bed early, binge watch your favorite shows and enjoy comforting meals. Stuck in bad traffic? Think of it as a way to practice patience -with other drivers and yourself. Be grateful for the opportunity to have a moment to yourself to take deep breaths, jam out to your favorite tunes on the radio and realize life doesn’t have to be a rush to get everywhere.
  3. Say thank you every chance you get. Even the smallest actions are worthy of a quick “thank you.” The more you spread the powerful vibes of gratitude, the more you’ll feel the good vibes of gratitude. Say thank you easily and often and you’ll be amazed by how incredible you’ll feel.
  4. Challenge yourself to find something new to be grateful for each day. Maybe that means stopping to observe the flowers you’ve never noticed on your walk to work, or the warmth and comfort of your first sip of coffee. The world is a beautiful place with amazing things to be grateful for – all we need to do is be open to recognizing them.

How do you incorporate being grateful into your life? Do you have a gratitude journal? Please join us in the Yoga Lovers Facebook group and share with us what you’re most grateful for.