Guest Teacher Rebecca Wildbear

DATE:  Feb 8 – 15, 2014

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PACKAGES:  We have a number of Yoga Retreats. Try our Yoga & Adventure, Yoga & Rejuvenation, or perhaps a Yoga & Surfing Retreat. For more information visit our Anamaya Retreat Packages (ARP) page. We’re thrilled to have Rebecca Wildbear join Anamaya for this week as our guest yoga teacher.

ADDITIONAL WORKSHOP:   “Courting the Mystery of Your Soul”. This 2.5 hour workshop will cost $35 and include poetry, discussion, brief yoga experience, and suggested solo practices to deepen the courtship with your soul.

Guest Yoga Teacher Rebecca Wildbear, MS, RYT-500

Rebecca WildbearRebecca, creator of Wild YogaTM, is a wilderness guide, therapist, and yoga teacher. She supports individuals in encountering and living their soul or truest self. Rooted in Rebecca’s own lifelong love of nature, she guides others into intimate relationships with the wild. Rebecca guides Vision Quests and other programs with Animas Valley Institute and is on faculty at Nosara Yoga Institute, where she completed her RYT-500 training. Rebecca created Wild Yoga over a decade of teaching yoga in a variety of wild place, including the rain forests and tide pools of Costa Rica, the mountains and rivers of Colorado, and the ancient red rock canyons of Utah. Wild Yoga invites us to move in union with our body and breath and awaken to the innocent dignity of our animal being or wild magical indigenous self while dancing in the rhythm of earth’s body.

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Courting the Mystery of Your Soul Workshop

The natural world mates and creates through an alluring love dance, and it wants you to feel and remember your part.  Many male bird species create an exquisite show to attract females.  Frogs, spiders, ravens, eagles, and a variety of other animals each have their own unique courting rituals.  Furthermore, wind dances with trees, and the first snow flakes of winter kiss the grasses.  A thunderstorm roars, and lightning brightens the sky.

Have you ever sensed anything stalking you…..Mystery, Earth, your soul?  Or perhaps it is the heartbeat of your own longing cry to love and live, fully alive?

A grand romance is calling you, if you’ll surrender to the mysterious fascinations that can devastate, enchant, or carry you into magic and rapture.  By imaginatively romancing the world, you may open to the wildly diverse world of sunsets, rattlesnakes, poetry, or art.  Take a moment to wonder:  What stirs and touches you deeply?  What evokes your terror, tears, or tenderness?  Saying “yes” to these allurements grows you more alive, and you’ll forever be evolving; yet it also necessitates a periodic reshaping of your life that can be deeply challenging.  As Bill Plotkin writes in Wild Mind:  “By opening our hearts and imaginations to the daily mysteries, a romance with the world upsets our routines, making us vulnerable to the great changes destined in our Souls and in the Soul of the world, the anima mundi.”  You can fall in love with anything – an idea, the ocean, a man, a woman or a tree.  As you do, you may find yourself striving to understand what each thing is at it’s core, and to assist it and yourself in unfolding uniquely.  This often requires a dying, a sacrifice to our old ways while giving birth to the never-before-seen.

Have you ever sensed anything stalking you…..Mystery, Earth, your soul?  Or perhaps it is the heartbeat of your own longing cry to love and live, fully alive?

Through the eyes of mainstream contemporary America, courting our mysterious souls is dangerous.  The Western world needs its citizens to continue to be consumers and worker bees.  In order for people to live in this dull flatland, the human imagination must be crushed. Contemporary poet, Diana di Prima rants:  “The only war that matters is the war against/ the imagination/ all other wars are subsumed in it.”  You can reconnect with your mysterious soul and deep imagination by engaging in practices to court your Inner Beloved and Muse.

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