Guest Yoga Teacher Sally Knopp

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DATE:  March 12-19, 2016

PRICES:  Please See our Rates and Reservations Page

PACKAGES:  Anamaya has a number of yoga retreats to choose from. Yoga and Adventure, Yoga and Rejuvenation, Yoga and Surfing, and Pure Yoga. For more detailed information, have a look at our Anamaya Retreat Packages (ARP’s).

WORKSHOP:  There will be a special workshop offered to our guests during this week at Anamaya. Please stay tuned for more information.

Guest Yoga Teacher Sally Knopp

Sally Knopp

Sally took her first yoga class in 2004 as a form of exercise and stress relief. Quickly realizing that yoga was so much more than exercise, she begin exploring different styles and soon knew that this was something that she wanted to share with others. Finding herself loving the yogic teachings and philosophies outside of the asana practice, she studies the spiritual paths of yoga, and is currently working on Ayurvedic studies to become an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant. Sally hopes to share these paths with others in order to help students find their own paths of Self-Realization and overall health of body, mind and spirit.

Sally’s Teaching Philosophy

Through her own discovery of how yoga can be life changing, Sally is passionate about sharing this experience with others and assisting students in developing their own yoga practice and ultimately the path of Self Realization.  She enjoys studying Yogic tradition and philosophy and incorporates much of this tradition into her own practice and teaching. Yogic philosophy suggests that our fluctuating minds are the cause of our suffering.  By using the practice of consciously returning to the breath we can begin to come out of the unsettled mind, allowing for space between the thoughts.  As we become aware of our thought patterns we begin to learn the Truth of ourselves and create change that leads to contentment and happiness…Consciousness.  Sally’s focus is on exploring the synchronized movement of breath and body, creating a moving meditation so that one leaves their practice feeling peaceful with that sense of contentment.  Students are offered modifications and variations of poses, allowing them to work at their own level while experiencing changes in body and mind.

Sally is an experienced 500 hour yoga instructor, teaching Slow, Mindful, Gentle Flow classes, in addition to a bit more challenge Vinyasa classes.  She also loves teaching beginners, introducing the benefits of a yoga practice which are realized both on and off the mat.



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