Integral Yoga Retreats

Integral Yoga RetreatsWhy go away and share the experience of a yoga retreat with others? Yoga retreats can offer you a meaningful and transformative experience that you will never forget. Integral yoga offers many different types of retreats such as holiday retreats, weekends, and workshops where you can focus on your body, mind and spirit. Yoga retreats are a wonderful way to connect and share with other people that have similar interests and ideas.


If you want to go to the heart of Integral Yoga you may be looking at getting away to a retreat offered at Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville. This is an energetic and spiritual center that was founded by Sri Swami Stachidananda. It is a very unique yoga community that serves a purpose of giving a balanced and harmonious place for residents and guests to practice their yoga teaching. It is located in a beautiful setting on the James River in Buckingham, Virginia. The background provides the Blue Ridge Mountains and the center owns over 600 acres of peaceful, wooded landscape.

Among the acres provided are five sacred sites, including LOTUS, which offers a variety of places for your meditation, spiritual meetings or prayer. Members have come from all over the world with different backgrounds to live the simple life and ideals of Integral Yoga. The yoga teachings want us to continue living in a natural state with an healthy body, calm and peaceful mind and useful life.

This yoga retreat, to the center, has a mission to live, practice and shares the yoga teachings of Integral Yoga to be able to experience the joy and peace the practice will bring you and to share with those around you.

Workshops & Programs offered at Retreats

Some of the workshops and programs offered at the yoga retreat will bring a personal focus to your yoga practice. Below are listed some of the current ones available.

Basic Meditation

This workshop will teach you the basics of meditation. Meditation is the ancient scientific practice which was used to help bring benefits to your mental and physical well-being. Being able to calm and focus your mind can help you achieve anything and the serene stillness that meditation provides can help you gain the tools to reach the calm and be able to focus.

Meditation helps you:

  • Reduce stress and calm the mind
  • Helps you acknowledge the peace within
  • Helps provide emotional, spiritual and physiological benefits
  • Allows you to become master of your own mind
  • Is simple, easy to learn and gives you quick personal rewards

This workshop will provide the skills to learn to meditate, how to use meditation, and techniques to enhance your skills of meditation. Regardless of your prior knowledge of meditation you will leave this yoga retreat workshop feeling inspired and calm.

Relaxing Into Health-Yoga for Disease

This workshop is for those that want to use yoga teaching as a tool for preventing and reversing disease. This mind, body and spirit lifestyle strategy is going to help you reach that goal. This workshop will focus on these things:

  • Achieve and maintain radiant health through living a healthy lifestyle
  • Yoga skills to support healthy lifestyle
  • Cleansing and Fasting techniques
  • Alternative Medicine choices discussion over Sound Therapy, Acupressure, Massage, Aromatherapy, Homeopathy and Laughter

Incorporating these lifestyle changes will help your spiritual connection. This workshop can be attended by beginner to yoga experts.

Pranayama Workshop

Building your skills of pranayama yoga breathing will help you tap into the nature of the Universe. Everything around us is made up of energy. Nature takes this energy and joins it with our own body through the flow of breath.

Pranayama which is often referred to as Breath of Life, has wonderful health benefits such as increasing your energy, digestion and giving you a calmness to deal with anything life throws your way. This workshop will look at the connection of the practical application of pranayama in your regular routine.

Winter Workshop-Restore Body and Soul

Reclaim your inner peace and light with a quick winter yoga retreat. You can experience yoga classes that will refresh your mind and spirit along with your body. You can enjoy daily classes with energetic flowing asanas to strengthen, cleanse and detoxify your body and mind. You will feel refreshed and your vitality will rise through meditations, breath and restorative yoga practice to recover from the stresses of life.

It does not matter if you are new to yoga or a yoga certified instructor, this workshop will help rekindle your health. You will be served healthy meals, be offered healing massages and be guided in peaceful meditation.

Take the time to heal yourself. Your mind and body will feel ready to conquer anything that finds you. A yoga retreat can offer so many options to fit your personal needs. All you need to do is make the time and choose where to go.

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