Integral Yoga Teacher Training

Integral Yoga Teacher TrainingIntegral Yoga is a style of yoga that is based on the teachings of Swami Satchidananda from India and started in the late 1960’s.  Yoga teacher training for this style is offered in different places, most commonly at the Integral headquarters in Virginia. Students go to study and learn from all over the world.

Style of yoga

Integral Yoga is a style that focuses a lot of attention on meditative and non-competitive yoga practice. There are physical poses, a study and practice where students exercise their faith in God, Karma yoga and repeating mantras. This is a well-rounded yoga certification program area.

Basic Training

Basic yoga teacher training is a one month long program designed to help prepare the students to teacher classes at a beginner’s level. This level of yoga teaching includes yoga poses, breathing techniques, meditation, chanting and a relaxation. The days of training are long beginning normally at 6 am with a meditation. Rates for this training type are about $1800 for tuition plus the cost of your accommodations which range from $1300 to $2700 depending on your type of quarters. Your stay will include three meals a day.

Advanced Training

For those that are already familiar with the Integral Yoga teaching style teachers can learn how to work with more physically challenged students, or prenatal/postnatal training or even touch on the therapeutic approach to yoga for those who suffer from cancer or heart problems. Training to be able to instruct those with special needs or for younger children is also a teaching option. You can begin to apply new skills to your meditation and stress management yoga practice.

What kind of program? A residential program?

We have learned that the best yoga teacher training comes from direct and personal experience. Participating in a residential program allows you to experience the living of the teachings of yoga and to use the tools and skills from yoga that you will need to pass what you learn on to others. During your time in the program you will also be immersed in the Yogic Lifestyle and be able to transform your body, mind and spirit. A residential program will offer you an extra support and nurturing environment to continue to grow and study without outside distractions.

What will you learn?

Through the Integral Yoga teacher training program you will be given instruction on how to instruct this style of yoga. You will walk away from training being able to give clear, concise instructions for each pose and how that pose benefits your body, how to lead students in deep relaxation, breath practices, chanting and meditation. Your training will also have you study and practice meditation, breathing, selfless service, and yoga philosophy. When you are finished with the training program you will have all the knowledge and experience to be able to teach your own class with confidence.

Why should I go through Integral yoga teacher training?

Integral Yoga is a style of practice that has a complete science which promotes and maintains a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health for each person. This non-competitive style and use of meditation explores the practice and creates awareness for each student to be allowed to reach a deeper and more subtle aspect of their being.

The yoga teacher training program and yoga certification provide a very strong base for personal and spiritual growth and the skills for you to be a professional instructor. The training process will create the ability to make the practice sessions safe and comfortable for your students so that they can acknowledge their own potential to be of service and a voice for yoga to others.

Do I qualify for this program?

The main concern of those interested in learning the Integral Yoga approach is to have a well-established Hatha Yoga practice for at least six months.


Things that are covered in the training program are:

  • Complete study and practice of Hatha Yoga
  • Study in the fundamentals of all styles of yoga
  • Philosophy, psychology and practices of Integral Yoga
  • Workshops to deepen personal practice
  • Classes on diet, nutrition, anatomy and physiology
  • Course study on Raja yoga and the science of the mind
  • Study and practice of- Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga
  • Training on teaching special needs students in different settings
  • Setting up and publicizing your classes

Schedule of training

You will not have time to get bored with this training schedule. Your daily schedule will be very full and is designed to help you realize the benefits you get from a yoga practice and to give you the best place to absorb what you study and learn.

Each day you will begin with early meditation which is then followed by a Hatha Yoga class. Throughout the day you will have your training courses, practice sessions, workshops and meditation again at noon followed by some free time.

Get started and live in a new world

The integral yoga teacher training program will get you on the path to living a full life. This style is possible for everyone with all levels to experience and practice. It is taught with an easy, meditative approach that gives the student the time to move forward at their own pace. You are guided to a deeper level of physical and mental well-being, stamina, and relaxation which promotes flexibility, strength and a good health for your entire body.

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