Integrative Yoga Therapy Benefits

Integrative Yoga Therapy BenefitsIntegrative yoga therapy is the piece of yoga that is specifically focused on creating a healthy mind and body and bringing healing. This style of yoga is used to enhance your health and wellness at all levels including your physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual. The main idea is that we bring a connection and integration to each of these levels that are part of each person because true wellness stems from living in a true state of balance. Yoga teacher training on this concept is growing and spreading through our communities and business places to ensure best outcomes.

Who Can Benefit From IYT?

Integrated Yoga Therapy is the branch of yoga that focuses on creating good health and healing and everyone can benefit from that. Those that find exceptional benefits would be those suffering with specific health conditions. Integrated Yoga Therapy can be tailored by the yoga teacher to fit the needs of anyone based on what condition they may have or what their goal may be.

Those that can benefit from yoga therapy and healing would be:

  • People that suffer from chronic pain
  • People that have difficulty sleeping
  • Reducing stress level and cultivating a greater ability to hand stressful situations
  • Going through a life change or new transition
  • Suffering from anxiety or depression
  • Living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Struggling with body image issues
  • Ongoing health problems

What to Expect

To see significant results a yoga therapy client needs a minimum of at least 3 sessions with a yoga certified therapist. The first session is an evaluation and will follow traditional standards and include a medical history and personal history, talk about your daily exercise routine if any, identify imbalances and other assessments depending on why you are there and what condition you are struggling with.

Yoga therapy sessions try to get customized based on the individual needs of the client. The yoga therapy sessions may include asana which is physical yoga practice; somatic which are simple movement exercises, breath work, guided imagery and much more. Private yoga therapy sessions are so beneficial for the one suffering from stress, mental or emotional trauma, injury and disease. Each yoga therapy session is completely different and is guided by the client. Sessions are typically done in a private location but even sessions in your own home or space can be arranged it you want to pay an additional fee. The object of therapy is to be able to feel safe and comfortable through the session. Yoga teacher training stresses that the client will gain the most from a session if they can completely open up and allow the worries and distraction to fall away.


The yoga therapy session cost includes much more than the time spent together during a therapy session. All of the yoga teacher documentation from the initial evaluation meeting, documentation from each session following, researching on any conditions that may be present, preparing for each session, and all email correspondence are considered time spent on private client work. During therapy treatment there may be times spent on writing unique body awareness exercises, meditations, guided imagery, and yoga nidras for the private client. These can be later used for your personal home practice for 15 dollars per recording.

Get Ready Go

Integrative yoga therapy is growing in numbers and yoga teacher training is giving it the focus to be brought into new directions through wellness programs. Integrated Yoga Therapy addresses a huge spectrum of problems suffered by many people. This style of yoga therapy focuses on the major energy centers of the central core in all of us. Yoga therapy includes yoga postures and breathing techniques, a gentle touch, physical support and guided awareness to the client. The holistic founding of this yoga therapy can reveal the connections of several symptoms or conditions and then help address the imbalances that tend to contribute to them. You will not only experience therapeutic benefits from integrated yoga therapy but you will leave a session feeling deeply relaxed and refreshed.

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