Integrative Yoga Therapy Retreat

Integrative Yoga Therapy RetreatYoga is the tool that teaches us how to cure what is ailing us, and to learn how to live with what we cannot cure.  We need to take a moment out of the chaos we call life and make time for our mental wellness. A yoga retreat to a beautiful destination could be just what your soul needs to refuel.

Run away from the loud noises of the city, the constant ringing of your cell phone, the constant hum of your computer and go deep into seclusion to a land of beauty and sandy beaches. Look for that destination where the temperature is at a constant level of perfection, culture and people create an enticing atmosphere, and the local food will tease your taste buds. A yoga retreat is the perfect escape to find some peace and mind and quiet.

During your stay at the yoga retreat you will be immersed in practice of Hatha, Ashtanga or Vinyasa Flow styles of yoga which are all easily practiced by any level of experience. Integrative yoga therapy classes are also on the schedule if you pick the correct timing with special host yogis and the time they share their experience and mastered skills of yoga teaching.

During your time away from the routine chaos enjoy the setting and take care of your inner self with a daily massage or you can even treat yourself to some special treatments or purification programs that are offered for those that are staying at the yoga retreat. If you just want to get time to sit and relax in the afternoon with a good book there are hammocks all over the site to choose from. Take a herbal tea or freshly squeezed juice with you while you relax and drift with the warm breeze. Come get away and treat yourself, your body, your mind and spirit amongst a beautiful and peaceful setting and recharge your energies.

Class Schedule

Yoga teaching is usually done in the mornings and start early at 7:30am. Your class session may last up to 2 hours, some free style and some guided class sessions depending on what style and the expertise level in the group. There may be additional classes in the afternoons for those that do not venture off on activities that are offered in the area. The Integrative Yoga therapy retreats also offer pranayama, Yoga Nidra, guided meditation, Chakra Therapy and Holistic healing.

Accommodations at the Retreat

Most accommodations at the yoga retreats follow whatever design and cultural styles of which destination you have chosen. For the most part in the tropical settings you will have exotic decorations, air conditioning, warm water, and a fresh atmosphere. You will be able to experience paradise, no pollution, clean water and air, and no noisy cars! There will be activities and restaurants close enough to walk to for your enjoyment.

During a 7 night/8 day Stay you can enjoy:

  • Private bungalows with queen beds
  • Accommodations with single or double
  • Beach front, frigo bar, solar powered hot water
  • Private escapes on property and hammocks
  • 2 hour morning practice sessions
  • Brunch with local organic produce, fresh juices
  • Beach bar
  • Vegetarian meals
  • Daily walks and activities from resort
  • Massages
  • Trip excursions for nearby villages and sites
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkeling
  • Spear fishing
  • Kite surfing (lessons available)
  • Workshops with local cultures and crafts


What is in store for you?

Imagine being surrounded by water, beautiful beaches, the occasional dolphin or turtle swimming off the beach while you sit and relax. You can experience all this peace and quiet while being fully immersed in yoga, meditation sessions, massage and complete relaxation. In your free time there are activities to enjoy such as snorkeling or scuba, kite surfing lessons, windsurfing or laying on the beach letting your body soak in as much sunshine as possible. The yoga retreat is not just for deepening your personal practice but a yoga vacation from it all.

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