Integrative Yoga Therapy Teacher Training

Integrative Yoga Therapy Teacher TrainingAt this point we can say that there are over 3000 graduates of Integrative Yoga Therapy Training programs around the world. These students have gone through yoga teacher training to develop a variety of yoga, stress management and wellness programs for people in hospitals, dealing with issues in mental health facilities, the corporate world, education centers, wellness centers, senior living facilities, community centers and even performing arts and athletes. Many yoga teachers choose this style of yoga because it allows them the flexibility to teach in various settings including the yoga classroom and going into the yoga community.

Who Uses IYT?

Many people in many different fields have chosen a yoga based wellness to add into their plan. Body workers, nurses, educators, physical therapists, physicians and other professionals with a mind-body focus on wellness.

The Integrated Yoga Therapy programs allow students to build the skills and insights within their practice to include yoga teaching and to be part of their daily routine. This helps them to connect yoga to guide them and inspire, enjoy and live life.

Different types of Programs

  • 200hr Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Program- this program offers training for those that want to teach yoga with a special focus on health and healing
  • 500hr Professional Yoga Therapist Program (PYT-500)- This is a complete training program in yoga therapy, giving certification to participants both to work with therapeutic groups and to develop their own private yoga therapy practice
  • 1000hr PYT Internship (PYT-1000)-This is a web based program where each student is able to work with a personal mentor and it is completed at your own pace within 2 years of your registration
  • One week Specialization Programs- IYT offers a one week program taught by the most professional and experienced trainers. This gives a student the experience of Integrative Mudra, Pranayama, and Bandha yoga teacher training
  • Yoga Home Study- This is a web based course that is available for all yoga student around the world

What is Training?

Integrative yoga therapy teacher training emphasizes bringing yoga practice to all regardless of their age or their level of fitness. This style of yoga teaching acknowledges the individual differences and will encourage you to adapt and choose your yoga practice to meet your unique needs.

This yoga teacher training program will give you the ability to discover yoga as a healing art and will also support you in developing your own skills that allow you to teach your own students in a variety of different settings. This training is committed to giving you the best possible yoga education in a supportive and caring learning environment.

Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum

During the yoga teacher training program your curriculum will include yoga history and the philosophy behind it, Western and Eastern ideas of yoga anatomy and physiology, teaching methodology, asana, pranayama, meditation, stress management techniques, mudra, mantra, business and ethical practices.

Your commitment to training and success is essential. The training program will ask that you dedicate a substantial amount of time not only for the training intensives, but also for the internship requirements such as teaching a four week class, reading, and your written homework, short quizzes to check for understanding and personal practice. All students need to be prepared for class and able to follow along with a dialogue style facilitation teaching style.

About your training

The Integrative yoga therapy training program is best suited for those that want to teach yoga as a form of healing. It will supply the knowledge that you need to teach yoga for a wide range of settings including health care as well as the typical yoga class offer to the general public. This yoga teacher training program is open to anyone who has the basic foundation in yoga and the goal to helping others in the community. This training gives you the skills and tools you will need to teach yoga as a vehicle for total wellness for body, mind and spirit.

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